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Comment Re:I have an "exploit-proof" OS (Score 1) 196

An operating system is just an interface between the programs and the hardware. You can make a computer without an operating system if your programs just access the hardware directly. That is ok if you only write a few programs, when you need to write more it helps to produce a library of common routines to simplify programs access to the hardware. Something like a C: prompt is not the OS rather it is a program running on the OS that enables the user to load different programs into the computer.

In older computers you could write a program that accessed the hardware directly. On modern computers the OS can allow more than one computer to execute at the same time (even if in timed slices) because of this the OS restricts access to the hardware and you can no longer write programs that directly access it unless you remove the operating system first.

A device like a 4 function calculator is designed to only run one program ever so it makes no sense to use an OS. Just make the program access the hardware directly.

Comment Palmer's Jurassic Park plan extinct (Score 4, Informative) 409

Colourful mining billionaire Clive Palmer may have a costly penchant for resurrecting remnants of the past, but he has no intentions of extending that to long-extinct reptiles, sources say.

The Sunshine Coast Daily reported on rumours that the mining magnate plans to clone a dinosaur from DNA, so it could roam free through a Jurassic Park-style area at his Coolum golf resort.

It was reported Mr Palmer had been in deep discussion with the people who successfully cloned Dolly the sheep.

But a source close to Mr Palmer rubbished the suggestion today.

"It's absolutely ridiculous," the source said.

However, Mr Palmer is expected to reveal highly-anticipated redevelopment plans for his luxury Coolum resort on Friday.

Comment Re:extraordinary claims (Score 5, Informative) 332

Require extraordinary proof.

There are plenty of iBooks already that mention Amazon.

We have one person making a blind accusation here.

Maybe you can give us some examples? ...

Selling on Amazon's FBA program by Nathan Holmquist
Make a killing on Kindle by Michael Alvear

If you ask me what is going on here, it is creative marketing. By blaming Apple for her book not being published, she gets free marketing for her book on Amazon. All this marketing fed by the frenzy of the Apple haters.

Comment Re:Is it any wonder? (Score 1) 197

Most adventure games had illogical puzzles. This killed them, not another genre. Not everyone wants to have to work out that if you ram the car into the tree the bird flies off and the cat chases it which knocks a pot off a window ledge landing on a dog making it unconscious so you can take the snot out of its nose to use as glue on your temporary security card etc etc. That is not fun that is just stupid.

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