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Comment n:1 or n:2 (Score 1) 628

I use 1 comp mostly, but it tends be variable when there is more than one. However, I have usually one monitor, 37" LCD HD (HDMI) but I have a second I use from time to time, 22" LCD HD (DVI). L4D, Torchlight, GuildWars, etc. look positively awesome on the 37".

Comment Re:Other MMOs (Score 1) 92


(mostly because it was unapologetic about being hack and slash, though I'm usually a fan of hack and slash)

(mostly because it was unapologetic about being hack and slash, though I'm usually a NOT fan of hack and slash)

Comment Other MMOs (Score 1) 92

I prefer Guild Wars. It's a one time subscription fee that's getting lower over time. Currently, you can spend $20 to get the core game. I own all of campaigns and play them like a casual game. I don't want xp, material, or gold grinding. I want a compelling environment and story that doesn't hold me back because I didn't reach level X.

Besides, I tried WoW and didn't like it. I like Blizzard. I love the Diablo series (mostly because it was unapologetic about being hack and slash, though I'm usually a fan of hack and slash). I thought WC was ok, and SC was pretty darn cool. I can't wait for D3; that's gonna be awesome.

BTW: GW just celebrated 4 years, updated tons of content (though I'm concerned about the rather large "micro" payments for some of it), and have surpassed 6 million units sold. I don't know how that translates into active players though. Plus, they just went live on Steam with all three main campaigns for $50.

Just my $.02 (the non Verizon math 2 cents).

Comment Target consumers anyone? (Score 1) 858

Here's what mom would ask: what's the cheapest thing I can get to do what I want? Well, what do you want? Internet, photos, maybe some CD's I doubt movies but that would be nice I guess.

So, what's the cheapest laptop or PC? Usually it's Linux or Windows based (with Linux beating out, generally).

That's my $.02. (don't forget the Verizon conversion tables to accurately account for pricing).

Comment Re:really, no Left 4 Dead? (Score 1) 57

I would certainly like to play a game like this. I play Guild Wars a lot as I don't like WoW. I wouldn't mind trying an MMO similar to GW where a small band of people go out gather supplies, salvage what they can, return and give to the greater good. Economy would be difficult, weapons would be hard, ammo and such, so perhaps a profession and barter system where one person specializes in making ammo and another in armor or weapons. It would be nice if it were also buy once play forever rather than monthly fees like GW. In fact, until GW I avoided MMO's because of the monthly fee.

Feed Right Angles Are All Wrong For Tree Frog Adhesion (sciencedaily.com)

Tree frogs have the unique ability to stick to smooth surfaces even when they are tilted well beyond the vertical -- some small tree frogs can even adhere when completely upside down. Conversely when walking or jumping they can detach their toe pads easily.

Feed Isolation Of Stem Cells May Lead To A Treatment For Hearing Loss (sciencedaily.com)

Recent research suggests new ways of treating hearing loss. Scientists have isolated "cochlear stem cells" located in the inner ear and already primed for development into ear-related tissue due to their proximity to the ear and expression of certain genes necessary for the development of hearing.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Linux As Women

dirkson writes: "Here's a nice little article about what various linux distros would be like if they were women."

Submission + - Americans no longer dating abroad ?

jacquesm writes: "According to this press release it is now illegal for Americans to date foreign women online without first going through a detailed background check. The law was challenged and upheld by a federal judge. This means that before you even get the chance to talk to person from abroad you will have to divulge all kinds of very sensitive personal information. And all this ostensibly to protect the foreign women from abuse by potential American spouses. Never mind that according to this study the rate of such abuse is only 1/7th the rate of domestic abuse by Americans vs other Americans."

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