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Comment Re:R&D at Microsoft (Score 1) 112

Information technology as I was using it deals with the broader topic -- I have never considered this expression to mean just corporate server technology. Consumer electronics is what the PC was before it was adopted as a corporate solution. And, rather likely, this will be the fate of many of the items currently becoming popular as consumer devices -- iPhones, iPads, even Macs, as they increasingly show up at work, thumbing noses at antiquated corporate IT standards.

Comment Hello 21st century... (Score 1) 459

You can already get most of that information online. Last time I used they gave me phone number, complete postal address and even a handy map. Google the person's name and you get everything else they've done on the 'net in the past couple decades. So curse facebook if you must, then back into the sand with that head...

Comment sigh... I only wish (Score 1) 179

I thought I had 3mbps DSL but it was losing sync three times per day. I opened a support call and they derated my line to 1.5mpbs so that now it only goes down three times in a week!!! Now in canada they get to charge me extra for heavy down loading -- if only the piece of crap line works long enough for that. 3 mbps DSL? What planet?

Corporations Hiring Hooky Hunters 610

No longer satisfied with your crinkled doctor's note, a growing number of corporations are hiring "Hooky Detectives." Private investigator Rick Raymond says he's staked out bowling alleys, pro football games, weddings and even funerals looking for people using sick days. From the article: "Such techniques have become permissible at a time when workers are more likely to play hooky. Kronos, a workforce productivity firm in Chelmsford, Mass., recently found that 57 percent of salaried employees take sick days when they're not sick — almost a 20 percent increase from statistics gathered between 2006 and 2008."

Comment Mac Mini (Score 1) 202

I set up a Mac Mini in my van this past summer. Not too hard to do. It is reasonably energy efficient and I readily found a DC-DC converter for it. I have a 7" touch screen on the dash, and have a BT keyboard in the glove box. I have MacGPS Pro and continent wide topomaps for my road trips. Connecting my laptop is just a matter of screen sharing via wifi. Whole setup with maps, software & hardware, cost about $1500. Rumour has it that this setup would play movies too, if Hollywood would only release anything worthwhile.

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