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Comment maybe its a sign of our values as a society (Score 1) 137

It is completely logical what is happening here. What is valued most by many people in our society? Yes, it's money. So what these people do is simply apply what our culture teaches: go and earn lots of money. In other societies (in the past , now , or in the future , or elsewhere on earth) other values were or could become the most principal ones : knowledge , education , honesty, ... . Apparently we value knowledge , but maybe not enough. If knowledge gathering would be considered as the highest good then our society would have taken measures to associate a very high value with it , easily attracting the best of our minds.

Comment Re:EXCELLENT news (Score 1) 1239

"... GET BACK TO MAKE THINGS"... seems a good advice but is unrealistic. The days that USA had unlimited amounts of cheap oil & gas are gone. Without these huge volumes of cheap energy, it simply is impossible to make things on an industrial scale and stay an important economic power. The economic model that made USA big depended heavily on enormous amounts of cheap energy. Current high oil-prices mean the end of this economic model, so unless USA invent themselves with a totally new model (which I find highly unlikely) , I fear that USA as a world-leading superpower has reached the beginning of its end.

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