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Comment What if your voice changes? (Score 2) 48

Does it work if your voice changes due to having a cold? Does it work if you whisper? If you yell? Just curious.

Sure I could probably google these questions but the tech is too new and does anyone else feel like its harder and harder to get the right info from google nowadays? For example I don't want results from 2011 at the top of the list when i'm searching for new tech stuff!! Eh I'm probably just bad at googling. Theres probably a shitload of google search commands that I dont know about. meh :|

Comment Re:Why slashdot videos are shit (Score 1) 25

Hahah, is this the kid's mom and dad? Don't get me wrong, I think that this modular phone technology is very interesting and has a lot of potential and the kid seems bright and hardworking and capable. This stuff could really go somewhere. I will be following this technology to see where it leads. I think the ability to piece together your own mobile phone part by part is an inevitable demand that must be satisfied by the marketplace and provides obvious benefits that can be clearly seen and understood if you've ever put together your own desktop pc. As far as being unlikable, its really more due to slashdot doing a poor job on these videos overall and leaving a bad impression on the whole matter. I wouldn't take this stuff too seriously, just keep at it. And get different glasses or contacts so you don't look like a tool. :)

Comment Why slashdot videos are shit (Score 3, Informative) 25

1. Pretending they aren't sponsored content is both sleazy and insulting to slashdot users

2. The production quality is shit. The average youtube amateur does a better job. And that's just fucking sad.

3. The content presented is boring and not compelling. Video should be compelling, if we want to absorb raw tech info, that is what text is for.

And lastly I hate to say it but these people on the videos are just so unlikeable to me. This kid here just gives me the impression of a tool/brat/hipster and makes me annoyed before I even watch the video. Dunno, that's just my natural reaction, maybe I'm just an asshole.

I like slashdot because of the quality of information and debates by users in the text comments. Quite often I skip the articles entirely and just read the comments because of the excellent summations users provide. I read slashdot almost every day. This is my first post in years, and I came out of lurking just to say that shit like these videos and slashdot beta has been seriously corrosive to the value that this site provides. Have you fucking idiots doing business development at slashdot not learned anything from what happened to ??? I could be wrong but I feel like it is only a matter of time before your users jump ship.

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