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Comment Re:r u srs (Score 1) 519

"it gets them recruits from the wacko population..."

Sarcastically observant I hope. Otherwise
while I usually enjoy and share your viewpoints
that brush you just used calls the paint and
painter into question. If by whacko you happen to
mean the edge cases that seem to be slipping into
ever-widening cracks in our society. A growing
sense of enslavement and serfdom via flattening and tipping scarce and poorly managed resources.

'wacko' will always be drawn to that which
  appears to understand their suffering and/or distress.

Sorry in advance for parking my .02 here:

We should caution treating ISIS/ISIL (lets just call em sand-niggers) as the cause more than the effect.

Make no mistake (for the 'morons') what they are
doing is evil, should and will be stopped.
And for the more nuanced among us, the only way to
accomplish that (stopping them) is to understand
one's enemy, including why they believe, and maybe
conceding a point or two.
But there is no room for discussing anything (there is no point to make) until their battle stops. Because whatever their ends, they are not justifiable means.

Though I suspect it's about the usual suspects of greed married to politics, gaining the leverage
bent on the cold betrayals of true-believers
to what lies in martyrdom, their actions cannot be tolerated.

Some would call it war; to bury their truths.
The 'conversation' nobody's willing to have
  because truth hurts.
Namely, that we (western society) are the cause; all our wars are repercussions of the effect.
The wacko population is growing, domestically and overseas (#alllivesmatter) as we
(industrial-techno society) tries to fill/fuel our needs.
It's all P.R. and snake-oil and short of a blood-bath, we're not going to win. But
we'll happily send others to die trying. Or go all Xe droney on anyone in our way.

Comment Re: Don't Know How You Made That Conclusion (Score 2) 217

In addition to what you've implemented, i would
add that for me, most spam comes from pwnd hosts
on a /24 or higher net.
Admin'ing mail servers' SA/DCC/SPF/RZR/ is tough
enough to maintain that i prefer a fail2ban/shorewall approach that drops em at the
fw, often their entire subnet can go AFAIC.
And for a previous poster:
Iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m string --string ".xyz" --algo kmp -j DROP

Comment Food for thought (Score 1) 446

This /. story is day-old so prob stale by now and OK for me to comment w/out griefr's - so here's my thoughts on what's been said:

As w/every post, the thread goes well beyond food issues and business interests; As always, the pros and cons are all
laid out bare, well and good. sick and poorly, within the scope of this collective's singular perspectives.

Here, the talk is added cost of labeling vs sunk costs to health and saftey. Can't tell the sock-puppets w/out scorecards/labels.
Branding aside, labels have come to mean nothing at all, regardless of GMO. Unless you know (and trust) the producer,
reputation means diddly in the 'corporate' world.
"Big" biz plays by no rules, don't get caught, that's just about it. And even that one, with some embarrassment finding just about every news-cycle,
has lost its' teeth. Pay a fine, admit no guilt, after sparing no expense to play for time exhausting the four Dâ(TM)s
(Deny, Disrupt, Degrade & Deceive)

Puting the arguments for SMB as factual and otherwise correct aside, big .gov is beholden to big .biz and those .coms
(even the best or biggest) are competing tooth-n-nail w/other, foreign (whatever that has become to mean) .coms
for investors (Mit's paradise) that excludes about 90% of the world's population.
GM, now a shell for a bankers' wet dream, lays off US workers the same week their execs in CN glow/fawn over booming expectations.
Home ownership has lost value while the overbearing of private equity and high-finance steals all its wind.
The fix is in, the system is rigged, cards are stacked, and house always wins; worst case causes a disaster then comes to the rescue to bleed
the carcass dry.

We already do not know where our (corporate) food comes from; it's a positive sign that more people are reading the labels at all.
The 50 shades of choices we see in the isles has no connection to the companies (investors) who own and possibly control them.
Cascadia (all natural...) gets purchased by GMills; will they add GMO's to an otherwise 'organic' product? They might if they could.
What's worse, their reach extends to prohibiting GMO-labeling AND non-GMO labeling. Like gag-orders, we can't say it is, can't say it isn't. Those who make what we eat (are bound to)
put profit over people, trust that.

Even what is generally considered safe (HFCS) does not mean good for you; even if its pronounceable. Artificial flavors, colors, tastebugs
to fool our tastebuds; what it means to be bitter, sour, sweet, salty or umami. Welcome to biotek; trans-fat full of never-ending possibilities.

What corporate interests can spent: to hide their skeletons, to enact or defeat bills, to get their way by exersizing monetary control
over the public's voice in the political system is at public expense and (mostly) against their desire.
The commonweal is a weak force under the weight of capitalism; tho it and free-trade seem more notional ideals than their current sorry state.
It's has come to know neither bounds nor shame, and given the enormous resources of lobby and lawyers, few limits on what they cannot get away with.

Always question of scale, always relative, always growing, always demanding more of everything; including consumption.
The cost of national politics and lawmaking, in time wasted begging and the ridiculous amounts required,
has replaced (the notional ideal of) democracy with a full-on pay-to-play congressionsl cesspool.
Lawyers and millionaires masquerading as buffoons. safely re-electable, ensconced in their office doing 'insider-trading'.
Nearby is a`supreme court which resembles a parliment of crows, one of which is a zombie placemat.
Both of which hold the lowest public esteem in history.
They have created an atmosphere no less corrupt than the stink-eye and filthy shakedown on any roadside in any banana-republic,
they increasingly declare our valuables a criminal to be seized at will or taken by domain.

And when big means TBTF it means socialized costs after privatized profits (before they scoot, change their name/game).
We pretend, for sake of civility, that it's oh so respectable, these battles of business, their bankrollers and the collateral public damage.
That it is 'society's best alternative to the tribalism of marauding bands and gangs controlling our lands; that we need
protecting from. Though we are no less serfs in their king/fief .doms, more peons laboring in the fields the elites have created for us.

Who can blame anyone for turning a blind-eye and playing the 'game'; in the name of teamwork and compromise and getting along?
The HFCT and the hot-dog vendor share a common drive (also a weakness): to improve their (family's) lot and ensure legacy.
Commonplace corruption has driven up the costs of civilization in correlation to it's waste stream, creating a disposable society.
Will it be only a matter of time when it costs 1Bn to run for president; or a 1Tr to do a LBO of some humongous conglomerate?
We live in a very broken system that has to crush under its' own weight; be changed by a ground-swell of demand that it cannot reconcile.

Only a matter of time, if not in our time.
As the social value of congregating in the warmth of the hearth, the fireplace,
became superceeded when it moved into the agrarian's kitchen (it being the warmest place),
just having a warm spot to squat meant less than the where/what/how of food; the core driver of our existance.
But we no longer recognize conventions once mannered. like eating in silence, not drinking between bites.
New meanings transformed eating beyond the event itself, less because of the actual meal, but like golf, as an event to get shit done;
the perfect combo of business and pleasure. So gratifying to our sense of self.

Better living through chemistry, perhaps that's true, or will be. As long as Big Agra is only beholden to its shareholders, I'll take my chances with "all-natural" in the meantime.
My expectation is that increased consciousness of how one's food is grown or made, the experience of shopping the supa-marts,
might result in ultimately seeking a divorce between one's caloric intake and the fondness for eating; and other hand2mouth habits.
Greater interest in finding ways to forsake foodstuffs altogether, with better choices that save time and effort for other things.

For most humans, eating is a pasttime who's only pleasure is the absence of hunger; for the rest, 'dining' is an indulgence
which maybe in a few generations will lose its meaning. (What would JohnStewart do if the world only had Arbey's?)

Comment Re:Isreal (Score 1) 383

"coming off rather on the antisemitic side..."

"The Palestinians are generally bad people..."

Well, gee "Us good, Them bad" critics are
anti-semites so have no standing....

You're a real tool, dontcha know.

FWIW, antisemitic is also anti-arab
and 'true' judaism has more in common with arabs in the Levant than with their ashkenazi descendants who somehow feel its their right to squat on land they have no actual right to be on.

The issue is not judiasm, not semitics, but Zionism and the (very) bad karma in the afterbirth of the State of Israel.

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