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Submission + - Of the Special Interests, by the Special Interests, for the Special Interests ( 1

roman_mir writes: It is often that stories appear on /. about the various machinations of various government agencies and special interests that revolve around them to buy them, we are always on the receiving end of these collusions, be it ACTA, CISPA, the Patriot Act, NDAA, anything really.

If you ever wondered what it may look like when a non-special interest person makes it to one of the Congressional hearings in order to present the other side of the story, in order to give perspective of the tax payers, of a general member of public,
then here is an example of what it looks like.

Peter Schiff was invited to this Congressional hearing (this is his second, his first one was a last year). He went to the hearing as a private individual, a person who has predicted the stock market crash of the late nineties, the housing bubble crash of 2008 and now is explaining why the USA is on a path towards the biggest bubble crash — US dollar and bond crash, and the predictions are made simply by observing the fact that the government always ends up catering to the special interests, including political interests, which can never take the real corrective approach to the economy, which would require ditching the policy of controlling the interest rates on money, counterfeiting money (credit) by the Federal reserve, regulating the industries in a way that helps special interests in the first place.

In the room with him in this Congressional hearing were some of the people, to whom he gave speeches in 2005 and 2006 about the coming housing bubble collapse — representatives of the mortgage bankers association.

You will notice that during the Congressional hearing, these special interests are treated as if they are impartial witnesses, while Schiff is mostly disregarded, of-course he does not represent a special interest in that room except that of a tax payer, so it is obvious he has no government solution to offer to the Congress.

Regardless of your point of view on the matter of FHA, it is an interesting review of what it looks like when special interests and the government get together and decide how to spend your tax money.

Comment Re:War based 'economy' (Score 1, Insightful) 381

that's a 'flamebait'? The country is filled with war mongers and killers, murderers basically, doing it just to perpetuate the unsustainable economy, and this is a flamebait?

Well, this new bomb is a flamebait. Your economy is a flamebait. Your politics is a flamebait and half of your population is a flamebait.

Comment Re:Everybody should have the weapons (Score 1) 358

It just makes sense for a private enterprise to step in and develop a large underground nuclear program and sell subscription services to it, have member states pay for their number of nukes, have reps from each country within the facilities, each armed with their codes and each able to launch up to the number of nukes they paid for.

The sites should be strategically located across the globe, evenly enough so that there wouldn't be a risk of taking out just one site obviously.

There is a lot of potential in this.

Comment Everybody should have the weapons (Score 4, Insightful) 358

It's being shown time and again that strong countries do not get attacked. All countries need to understand that it is really in their best interest to get nuclear weapons fast. Libya made a huge mistake for example, so did Iraq. I think at some point Iran will have their weapon - good for them.

Good for them. They should get as many as they can possibly put their hands on. You get fucked in the ass if you can't fight back, that's what we really know today, everything else is bullshit.

Comment Re:choices are good (Score 1) 174

Oh, so you are well reasoned

  and my comments are 'silly rants'.

This comes from somebody making arguments like these:

Q. Why does RMS hate Oracle's Java?
A. He thinks the garbage collector has it in for him.

Q. Why doesn't RMS use Gold Bond medicated foot powder?
A. Because it's finger-lickin' good!

Q. Why doesn't RMS use toilet paper?
A. Because he *likes* to raise a big stink!
A2. It's part of the infrastucture for his own personal "cloud".
A3. ... ask Colonel Sanders ...

Q. Why do hotels ban him from the pool?
A. The Coast Guard won't send an oil skimmer afterward.

Q. Why did RMS make the tasteless Steve Jobs remarks in the first place?
A. Because when you don't have enough enemies to feed your paranoia, crowd-source it!

Q. Why does RMS hate the iPhone?
A. When he enters "5318008" and turns it upside-down, it rights itself.


My position - Oracle and MS are corrupt thieves, who use bribery in day to day activities.

My position is that RMS doesn't understand economics and I have clearly shown it.

Your positions is that RMS has a nasty beard or whatever, while Oracle and Microsoft being respectable businesses (and at least one of them is a convicted monopolistic abuser - proven in court).

How about you go fuck yourself.

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