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Comment Re:Fire (Score 1) 734

No, the spair-the-air ( legislation did. Now when it is sufficiently cold outside to warrant using the fireplace to heat your house, the BAAQMD ( issues a spare-the-air alert and makes it illegal to heat your house though a means other than PG&E ( You must your gas or electricity to heat your house rather than a fireplace.

Comment Re:Zillow (Score 1) 32

Zillow does more for estimations than Bank of America did for my last re-fi. BofA didn't send out any kind of appraiser, just pulled a number out of their ass. And that number conflicted with the recently sold comparables in my area. Estimates from Zillow or appraisers don't mean shit. Your house is worth whatever the bank wants it to be. Upgrades you've done and condition of the house won't be factored in and are completely irrelevant.

Comment Harassment Training (Score 1) 1127

Every company I've worked at has provided it. Usually as a recurring thing too. Often at somepoint during new hire orientation, and then once every year afterwards. Your HR dept should be able to set this up for you (even if you're a small company and have HR outsourced to one of those HR outsourcing firms). Your company, as well as you personally, can be sued and end up losing a lot of money over this.

Here's a small gist of the training: Harassment is defined by the victim. It doesn't matter if you or your co-workers don't consider it harassment, if the victim does, then it is harassment. There is a ton of legal leeway given to victim. This is not a subject to take lightly. Simply looking at a person the wrong way could be considered harassment. Laughing at a joke, even if it is not at his/her expense, and even if that person laughs as well, could be considered harassment.

Get your team/company the training.

Comment I'm not likely to buy a hybrid again... (Score 2) 998

I'm likely to buy an electric. My commute + daily chores are well within the range of electric vehicles. When I buy the electric, the hybrid will still be around, but only for the occasional longer trip. Hopefully, by the time the hybrid dies, electric vehicles with 200-300 mi range will cost much less.

Comment Re:Answer is obvious! (Score 1) 458

We have had enough of voodoo science and liberal agenda dweebs! The answer is obvious why the ice is melting. Bird poop and pee! That's right migrating sea birds land on the ice and after a meal of fish poop and pee to their hearts content and that my friends warms the ice and that is why its melting.

My name is Rick Parry and I endorse this message.


Comment Re:awful, awful awful awful (Score 1) 293

there is no way a @#$ robot can judge what to do about oncoming accidents, like a pedestrian, a deer, a squirrel, a semi jackknifing, an ambulance passing, a crash ahead of you, a gigantic pothole, a box full of dishes that fell off a truck, a big tree branch, a patch of black ice, a tire blowing out, a semi weaving in a strong wind, etc etc etc.

That's ok, Bay Area drivers can't handle those situations either ;-)

Heck, 101 and 880 turn into a parking lot of accidents anytime there is some light drizzle. I actually doubt a self-driving car can be worse than the drivers around here.

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