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Comment Re:The Average Viewer (Score 1) 435

You haven't supposed to sit across the room since the first HD (720p) tv came out if watching HD content. I believe it was something like 50" tv you should be max of 6ft, watching a smaller tv you should be even closer. It was a specific field of view (like 33% or something close to that) .

Comment Re:Outsource jobs, blame AI, bring 3rd world (Score 1) 635

I rarely go to McDs but I was there last week, they were training customers to use big touchscreens to put in their order. Next step is an app you can have on your phone to put in your order remotely (similar to Starbucks app now) and ready when you come in. It could get to the point the only person working there is the maintenance guy who doubles as janitor.

Comment Re:Imaginary benefits of social media advertising (Score 1) 36

My wife got better results with her business using Facebook advertising than Google's adwords.
That said my biggest annoyance with FB is the sale groups. Once I see them, if I don't add them and X them out, I don't want to see them again, same with suggested pages. The first I am pretty confident there is no monetary gain for FB other than potentially more use of their app (IOW no direct money for access), latter not so sure.

Comment Re:"Diets" are the wrong thing, anyway! (Score 1) 256

What he said, there is also a study that was done last year that included some of the contestants of The Biggest Loser, even though they kept up with their training the weight crept up. The investigation found that the body actually sabotages the metabolism as it tries to get itself back to that original weight.

I suspect that there may be a link between this metabolism adjustment and the gut biome.

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