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Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score 1) 920

Free speech has always been about ensuring the government does not have control of the person to be critical of the existing power structure, that should never be infringed BUT when it comes to a corporation censuring someone on their infrastructure, that is their right. Corporations having the ability to pressure the govt to do something is a whole different kettle of fish.

That said, he can use the tools available for him just like Hulk Hogan did with Gawker and sue the living crap out of the newspapers for defamation of character and potential lost income (although HH was a different and probably more embarrassing situation). If they modified the videos to make it sound like he is anti-Semitic than the unaltered videos which he has access to will exonerate him. There should be lawyers banging down his door right now.

Comment Re:Only the most gullible think... (Score 1) 97

Said employees and directors get compensated through pay and other methods for their contributions.
When they have as many followers as the celebrities do that may result in the company some more sales , they can be called anything they want as well. Until then they can shut up and get back to work

Comment Re:Why wasn't this caught in peer review? (Score 1) 183

Except that the guy that headed the development of the vaccine stated:
1. the link between HPV and cancer is tenuous at best as the sampling was done with high-risk women (aka hookers) and how it affects less at-risk women was not studied
2. The vaccine was rushed to market with inadequate testing to meet external pressures .

(looking for article but can't find anymore)

Comment Re:The Average Viewer (Score 1) 435

You haven't supposed to sit across the room since the first HD (720p) tv came out if watching HD content. I believe it was something like 50" tv you should be max of 6ft, watching a smaller tv you should be even closer. It was a specific field of view (like 33% or something close to that) .

Comment Re:Outsource jobs, blame AI, bring 3rd world (Score 1) 635

I rarely go to McDs but I was there last week, they were training customers to use big touchscreens to put in their order. Next step is an app you can have on your phone to put in your order remotely (similar to Starbucks app now) and ready when you come in. It could get to the point the only person working there is the maintenance guy who doubles as janitor.

Comment Re:Imaginary benefits of social media advertising (Score 1) 36

My wife got better results with her business using Facebook advertising than Google's adwords.
That said my biggest annoyance with FB is the sale groups. Once I see them, if I don't add them and X them out, I don't want to see them again, same with suggested pages. The first I am pretty confident there is no monetary gain for FB other than potentially more use of their app (IOW no direct money for access), latter not so sure.

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