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Comment Sorry.. (Score 1) 158

but there is a point where frivolous becomes ludicrous. Sure it is neat and I am guilty of having a bit of an impulse control issue with gadgets but if he wants to blow his wad, I am sure there are better places (more philanthropic) to spend his money.
The irony of it is hilarious that he would spend so much on making his media room look like a bridge from a starship from a galaxy where money is no longer coveted.

Comment Re:Candy (Score 1) 414

My wife has suffered from anxiety and depression her whole life, she was on SSRI (Cialis) which did nothing for the anxiety but made her more depressed as she gained 40lbs due to it (which is a known side effect but they seem to gloss over it). She had a bad episode earlier this year and her doctor gave her a prescription for benzodiazapine without blinking. The results are just taking a quarter of a pill with the lowest dosage knocks her our and gives her a hangover the next morning. She did some research and found that CBD which is the non-psychotropic portion of marijuana has been shown to be a good mood stabilizer. She looked into getting a card (we are in Canada) and one of the (fortunately optional) requirements was to get a referral from her doctor. He refused. Sure benzos no problem fill your boots, MJ, hell no. He also admitted he knows very little (and from what we gleaned is very outdated).
Luckily the people involved have figured out how to work the system and are in contact with doctors who are more up to date. It cost us about $400 ($50 for copy of her records, $320 for doctor appt over video conferencing in another province). He reviewed her records noted that she had tried other legitimate means and approved it. She has noticed an improvement compared to the dulling effect of the SSRIs.
I don't blame the parmaceutical companies to be scared.

Comment Re:Viewers hate political correctness (Score 2) 251

So? Just because they made a mistake before means they have to continue?
I would say they learned and obviously learned well.
Clarkson got what was coming. I liked him on the show (and absolutely hate Evans) and am looking forward to their new show and I assume he has learned his lesson.

Comment Re:Only the radar system needs rebooting (Score 5, Insightful) 153

Third it's already been resolved. My dad worked on the Canadian Maritime Helicopter Project for years. During it the papers had an article talking about some snag that was hit and how horrible it was. I sent my dad the link and his response:
"Yeah that was my thing and 8 months ago, it was pointed out and in less than a day resolved."

Media exaggerating? Never...

Comment Re:No (Score 4, Informative) 369

Blame about 3 Prime Ministers back who decided Canada will no longer build refineries in Canada and rely on sending our oil south.
With the lower cost of oil now it is pretty much approaching too expensive to suck it out of the oilsands in Canada.

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