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Comment Target market (Score 3, Insightful) 102

The interesting thing here is that people are complaining about how the Raspberry Pi operates when used by people who were not its primary customer when it was designed.

When it launched, it was launched, it was done as a teaching system and it has been aimed more at replacing the arduino than PC's, where this is very cost competitive given its vastly greater capabilities.

That is does not have all the functionality of a desktop is not surprising. That is not what it was designed for. But, the low cost is really causing people to think about the system and deploy it in very surprising ways. (We are using them at my place of business in our NOC for all our monitoring systems where more powerful systems are just overkill.)

Comment Re:Where?? What is wrong with MORE CHOICE (Score 1) 551

How do you propose hooking this phone to the car audio system now? Has to be wired as no car stereo supports this new format or are they doing both bluetooth and this new format?

Did they talk about cars at all? I am actually quite curious as to how this would work. a) Wired for audio, bluetooth for calls? b) all wired?

Don't know about where you are, but it is illegal to wear headphones while driving in Colorado, so that is not really an option. What is their handsfree solution for driving?

Comment Re:New Technologies... (Score 1) 385

In the past few days: On a bus. In a waiting room at the auto repair shop. Lunch at a burger place. On a bridge call where I needed my hands free to type and did not want to use the speaker phone as I was in a public spot. (The joys of oncall).

That ignores the times I use it on airplanes, waiting rooms, or any of a hundred places where I am killing time in a public place.

Seriously, do a walk-thru of an airport sometime. Nothing but headphones all over the place.

Comment Re:I wonder what (Score 1) 100

I saw they have $500 in revenue last year, but I would be very surprised if they were in the red. I suspect this was to try to position for the USPS contract renewal and for customer transfer. HP did something similar with Apollo back in the day. (Compaq and a slew of other businesses were still going concerns. Apollo was on its downward spiral when HP acquired them.)

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