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Comment This might explain why he was working with AES: (Score 5, Interesting) 197

This might explain why he was working with AES:
"@niczar I clocked 12.8Gbps using AES 128 ECB on a dual quad 2.26ghz xeon with HT (= 16 cores). Not cost efficient."
Is there a fast solution with a graphics card to do #AES within #Linux? I need 10Gbps or so realtime.

Comment Re:Only fair (Score 1) 267

when companies like Lucent [snip] .. didn't invest in its development it is only fair they are forced to pay up.

mmmm did Lucent (or actually AT&T or actually NCR) not invest in the wifi development?? You beter check your history books. Wi-Fi was "invented" and developed by Lucent/AT&T/NCR in the Netherlands in 1990. They were the first to bring a WiFi product to the market. So you can not claim they did not invest in it's development.

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