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Comment Re:coup? (Score 1) 231

Do you have any proof of that? I managed to obtain a copy of the Turkish Constitution as it was in 2002 and still did not find any reference to that supposed role of the military. Maybe I missed it so could you kindly point out in which article is such a role spelled out?
What i did find interesting is that as of 2002, the Turkish Constitution used the term "laic" and "laicsm" instead of "secular" and "secularism". Apparently it was during Erdogan's tenure that the constitution was amended to change the term used from "laic" to "secular".

Comment Re:coup? (Score 1) 231

[...] it's been reported that the Turkish constitution puts military in charge of being the last-ditch effort of dissolving and reforming the government [...]

Seriously, why are basing your conclusion on what's "been reported"? The Constitution of Turkey is easily available via a Google search away. Just read it for yourself. If you did, you would see that the Turkey constitution states no such thing.

Submission + - SPAM: Taiping Island classified as a rock

righteousness writes: The Permanent Court of Arbitration has ruled that Taiping Island, the largest of the naturally occuring Spratly Island is a rock rather than an Island. Thus it is not entitled to such economic zones, according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The Republic of China (ROC/Taiwan) is disputing the ruling and is sending warships “to defend Taiwan’s maritime territory”.

Comment Re: Please help me understand (Score 1) 485

There is an opposite race?

Strictly within the context of the conversation, only two were mentioned, so yes.

Err, no. I see people talking about black skin and light skin in the conversation. That's skin colour, not race. You do know that there's more than one race with black skin, don't you? Just like there's more than one race with light skin.

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