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Submission + - Airmech, A Free to Play MOBA Action RTS remake of Herzog Zwei (

rigelglen writes: "AirMech is a Fast-Paced Action RTS game, which bears a striking resemblance to Herzog Zwei. Best of all its Free to Play. With only cosmetics costing real life cash. It is Developed by the wonderful people at Indie game company Carbon Games.

Although still in Beta, AirMech is a departure from traditional RTS games in several ways :

First, you control an Airmech, think of this as a champion from League of Legends, you can not just fight other Airmechs, you can also transform into a robot and get down to the action.

Second, you can fight alongside the units you create be it tanks, rocket trucks or artillery, this puts lots of focus on skills and strategy rather than on just one.

This game is currently available on Windows, with Linux version coming soon (Mac port available after Linux) also they even have working prototypes of the game on Android. If you're currently on Mac or Linux, and can't wait for the port then you can download the Chrome version (Native Client) but the problem is that the Chrome version can't play alongside the PC version due to a compiler issue Along with the PC version, the game is also available on Steam, although they haven't released it publicly, you can buy the beta bundle which gives you access to the Steam version and almost all in-game content including cosmetics and units.

You can Sign up for the PC version here using my referral code
You would be awesome if you did :D If you already signed up without the link, you can use my referral code : 6YA7-NPYM-NTV3-WF7A

Airmech on Steam:
Airmech on Chrome:"

Comment Re:No one at Apple listens to that Steve anymore (Score 5, Insightful) 330

Without Woz, Jobs would have been nothing and Apple would have been a failure. Jobs isn't a god, of course he was an innovator, maybe a genius, but everyone makes you believe that Jobs came up with EVERYTHING, the User Interface, Design, EVERYTHING. This isn't the case, even Jobs admitted it, he said "It's the talented people at Apple that make the difference" or something like that.

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