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Comment Re:Glitterboyz on the way (Score 1) 630


I believe the 'recoil' here would be experienced by the gun itself. The Lorentz force causes the opposite force to be directed at a right angle to the projectile. So there would be very little recoil in the traditional sense but the forces acting on the barrel would be much greater than in a traditional gun.

Comment Re:Bullshit we won't notice (Score 5, Interesting) 466

I'm 200cm tall.
On a flight from the US to Brazil, I was stuck in the back of the plane and my legs physically wouldn't fit in the seat. The flight attendant told me that I would have to get my legs in there or the flight couldn't take off. I had her call another flight attendant over and then I said "I will get in here, but something is going to break. It will be the seat in front, my seat, or my legs."
I then jammed myself into the seat which broke the rivets/screws of the seat in front of me which slammed the seat forward (with someone in it) making the seat unusable. I foresee this happening again and more often if the airlines continue this stuff.

Comment Re:April fools (Score 1) 470

There is a book I've read called "Crazy Love".

The crux of the book is this: If people loved as the bible calls them to, everyone (even Christians) would think they were crazy.

So the parent is correct. Most people who call themselves Christians are too in love with themselves and their stuff to actually do what Christians are supposed to do.

Comment Re:Example Fail (Score 1) 494

I think the parent's point was not that it was a massive fail, but that Korea is the best "success." If the best successful story is one of 60 years with no signed peace treaty (only a ceasefire), a constant threat of war, and the most militarized border in the world . . .

That sounds like a massive failure with one partial success.

Comment Re:hunter gatherers (Score 1) 389

2) The animals you hunt aren't going to conveniently hang around those paths. .

Actually they do. Many trails weren't carved by humans, but by animals. Often when I am hunting, I go in and look for a game trail and then park myself near this trail. These trails are small, but well warn areas in the field/woods/etc. The dirt on these trails is usually packed a bit better and resemble a small dirt road.

Comment Ask. (Score 1) 294

My wife wanted something very similar. She wanted a blackberry because she uses the smartphone features (calendar, multiple alarms, etc) but had no desire for the data plan. However, all carriers began requiring the data plan on all smartphone purchases (see below for reasoning). My wife called AT&T customer service when she wanted a new phone, explained what she wanted and why she wanted it. Of course the person told her that they couldn't give her a smartphone without a data plan. She persisted, explained that she wanted, explained that she knew the limitations of the phone without the data plan, and reminded the person on the call that we had been a customer for 8 years. She also explained that the 'couldn't' wasn't a technical limitation, but an arbitrary rule. A few minutes later, she had a brand new blackberry being shipped to our address without a data plan.

The only cost associated with the data plans are additional towers. Each individual user doesn't add extra costs to the company - so the data plans are just cash in their pockets. It is also well known fact that it costs much more money to get a new customer than it does to retain one. Call customer service, speak to them civilly, and they will probably give you what you want. You may have to talk to a manager, but as long as they know you aren't an idiot and/or a jerk, it is much better for the companies bottom line to let you go on without the data plan than it would be to switch.

I've found that civility, knowledge, and persistance will work.

Why require them?
3 years or so ago, the smartphone market ballooned. There were ads on all TV stations touting the newest smartphone telling about everything it could do. So people would come in and upgrade from their razr (or whatever non-smartphone) to the newest smartphone expecting to have all this. The sales people told them they should get a dataplan to take advantage of all the features, but the idiots buying them didn't need the data plan - that was too much money. So these people took their new phone home and HOLY CRAP! it doesn't do anything it says on the TV. So they brought back in their 'defective' product because it wouldn't do what was advertized.
The phone companies were losing money because of returned phones that they now couldn't sell as new. That is why the data plan rule came into being.
If you buy a smartphone, you have to have the data plan to take advantage of the advertized features.

Comment Re:It's a good thing the military is still funded. (Score 4, Insightful) 422

You took one piece of what the parent said focused on that.

Yes, the 46% who pay no taxes don't make much at all. So? That isn't the underlying issue.

The parent nailed the underlying issue: People are addicted to government handouts and would rather say "To hell with Mars" than try to do something for themselves. The majority of the people reading/posting on Slashdot are going to be able to fend for themselves and would rather see our tax dollars going to something useful rather than 'entitlements.' But until 50% of the nation thinks in this way and they vote with that in mind, things aren't going to change for the better. At best, we will keep the status quo and at worst, the US will be another Greece in a few years.

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