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Comment Gamechanger (Score 1) 168

This is great news for Nintendo. The marriage of Pokémon to Virtual Reality is a good one which makes this 'work'. They always had VR card games which came with the DS.... but to put this on cell phones which everyone has and combine it with GPS with Pokémon. While VR games and GPS has come before it, undoubtedly, like it or not, this ushers in a new style of gameplay, with lots of possibilities.

Comment Re:Is there anyone left on /. (Score 1) 420

I think it hurts a lot of people in technology. I have come to expect the people in the camp who say, maybe you should be a better worker, a better developer, etc etc. After 20 years in this industry, I can honestly say that is not true. However, there is clearly a fight with the business folks, who protect this practice in this country. They know who they are.

Comment Re:Free and Fair Trade = More Jobs (Score 0) 420

Nice Troll Nerd Boy. The only people this helps, are the American fat cats 'leading' these companies. Your comparison to chicken farming and low cost manufacturing labor is insulting to say the least. Eventually, this will kill the American economy, so please tell your children about that!

Comment Application Development Going Overseas (Score 1) 420

I work in a Java development shop which is predominantly about 80% either India offshore or H1B onshore. Now my employer is building a development center in India. While I cannot blame Indian workers for the opportunities given to them, we are handing over high paying jobs to other countries. It is hard to recommend this type of work to young people as the jobs will not be there for them in the future. This certainly generates a perceived 'need' for HB1 workers. #dyingbreed #americantechnologyworkers

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