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Submission + - Ask Garmin to improve Linux support

richlv writes: Using Linux and have a Garmin device? Garmin GPS devices are popular among open source enthusiasts, mostly because of the easy availability of OpenStreetMap on those. Unfortunately, Garmin has not been that friendly to the open source community — their software does not support Linux and even the firmware updater suggests to "upgrade operating system". Garmin is asking for ideas, and if you'd like to see them improve Linux support, make sure to use their idea submission form.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830

ok, this is so sad, but it sounded truthful :)

the Fahrenheit scale makes a lot of sense for measuring weather. In Fahrenheit, 0-100 degrees is roughly the range of temperatures that is habitable for people. And I know, it's not exactly the range of habitable temperature, but if there's a climate that spends a lot of time outside of that range, then people probably won't be very comfortable there. In Celcius, that translates into roughly -18 to 38, and Kelvin is 255 to 311. Those seem stupid and arbitrary by comparison.

this is arbitrary. habitable != comfortable, and who has a daily task of figuring out "habitable" ? in celsius, habitable does go way below the cited -18 anyway, i present nordic countries.

Also, if you measure only in 1 degree increments, Fahrenheit degrees are smaller and provide better resolution, though I suppose I can't tell the difference between 69 degrees and 70 degrees anyway.

and a surprisingly simple solution - you can say 21.5 degrees in celsius ! or you can add even more. for daily purposes, that is never needed, though

But similarly, the length of feet and yards are pretty convenient for measuring spaces. Being a relatively average-sized man, my foot is about a foot long, for example. If I want to measure the size of a room, I can put one foot in front of the other and walk, counting my footsteps.

and for an average man, a slow step is 1 metre. roughly. probably the same precision as trying to match different feet sizes...

In the end, I have a pretty good approximation. Measuring a person's height in feet also gives a range with pretty good resolution with adults typically being between 5 and 7 when you round. With meters, when you round, basically everyone is 2 meters tall.

which might be why nobody does that. everybody measures height in cm. which is also providing more than enough precision, for most needs

I know some people won't quite get my point, or they'll say, "But metric is so much easier once you know it!" Really though, metric is only much easier when you're doing math. On a day to day level, most of us don't need to do enough math for it to matter.

normal people use math daily. and it's so much easier with base 10. don't delude yourself, imperial is used in the usa just "because we don't care" - not enough external trade or other reasons to change + the normal resistance to change.
understandable in short term, but shortsighted in the long term.

Comment Re:Actually I was quite happy about them doing it (Score 1) 179

The easy solution would be simply to put a card on the nightstand giving the name of the safe hotspot you should connect to. And/or name the hotspot "Mariott Internet - all other hotspots should be avoided"

Warnings in my hotel room Do me no good in the lobby or bar or front desk when I'm trying to pull up my reservation on the e-mail.

do you work for marriott ? :)
most decent hotels have wifi network listed on an obvious sign in the lobby. even if not, you could ASK at the reception "which wifi network should i use?"

(for the record, marriott is not the worst when it comes to wifi - hilton sucks ass and can go and burn in some tar pit or something)

Comment Re:Creating more victims (Score 1) 416

i haven't met a woman like that personally. i haven't had terribly bad experience with women, either.
but there's this crusade which is getting more and more crazy. while it is lead by a crazy minority, there seems to be no opposition to that assholish behaviour.
well, here's some :)

Comment Re:Creating more victims (Score 1) 416

it seems like it's actually bullying by crazy females (not really women, they have stopped being such).

they can't bully rockstars or sportists (see what is their attitude to women...), so they just choose a soft target that will not fight back - it people, scientists.
and then somebody whines why in some circles geeks see women with suspicion - after rejection and ridicule in school, after bullying later...

and the normal women don't speak up.

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