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The Courts

Jack Thompson Sets His Sights On Halo 3 240

GamePolitics is reporting that anti-game advocate Jack Thompson is seeking to have Halo 3 declared a nuisance to the public in Florida. He tried the same stunt with Bully, and failed then too. "As with Bully, Thompson clearly hopes the court will grant him a hearing. Although after last year's well-publicized Bully performance, which earned Thompson a Bar complaint from presiding Judge Ronald Friedman, that seems unlikely. More troubling by far are the long term implications of this action. Thompson apparently feels emboldened to invoke Florida's public nuisance law against any video game he desires to target. That is the essence of censorship and the video game industry cannot allow it to continue on any number of grounds - legal, moral or creative."

Submission + - Storm botnet spams Youtube exploit (

cottagetrees writes: Security researcher Roger Thompson at Exploit Prevention Labs posted about a big Storm botnet spam that tells the recipient their face is all over 'net on a YouTube video. The hyperlink to the video looks innocent enough, though the html under the link takes the user to an exploitive IP address that attempts a driveby download of the Q4Rollup exploit, a package of about a dozen encrypted exploits. If the user is unpatched against anything, they're hit. Here's the text of the spam I personally received this morning: "Subject: Who is that your with? lol Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 09:40:32 -0400 From: To: OMG, what are you doing man. This video of you is all over the net. here is the link I got (in the html email, the actual hyperlink is to a different address, which I confirmed was exploitive by pasting it into LinkScanner Online at .asp I test all my suspicious hyperlinks here.)

Proving Creative Commons Licensing of a Work? 105

Q7U asks: "I recently posted a few Creative Commons licensed photographs from Flickr on one of my websites. I later noticed that one of the photographers had retroactively switched all of his photos from the Creative Commons license to an 'All Right Reserved' notice. When I saw this I went ahead and removed his photo (even though I understand that CC licenses are perpetual unless violated), but this begs the question: How does one prove one obtained a work under a Creative Commons license, should there ever be a dispute between a creator and the licensee? Is a simple screenshot of the webpage where it was offered proof enough? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated."

Submission + - Intel, IBM make independent silicon breakthrough

An anonymous reader writes: IBM, Intel independently announced they have made a breakthough in transistor design which allows futher shrinkage of silicon technologies. Intel said the 65nm process can be now reduced to 45nm, later this year. IBM made a same announcement, and its parnters including AMD may enjoy this new technology as well. This is considered the biggest breakthrough in transistor technology since the 60's, and one must wonder: how come two different companies announce the same thing on the same Friday??

Submission + - Intel 45nm Fab Process Launched And Penryn Preview

NinjaKicks writes: Intel has decided to make public details of their new 45nm manufacturing process and also has broken news that next-gen Penryn core processors are running various versions of Windows and Vista successfully. From this article — Penryn will offer a host of core tweaks over Conroe, larger cache sizes, and SSE4 support. Also, although clock speeds will be increased, processors based on Penryn should fall within the same thermal power range as Conroe. Word is Penryn will also be compatible with some of the existing motherboards on the market while others will need either a BIOS update or perhaps other board-level changes.
Linux Business

Submission + - OSDL and the Free Standards Group to Merge

Andy Updegrove writes: "On Sunday afternoon, the Free Standards Group (FSG) signed an agreement to combine forces with Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) to form a new organization — The Linux Foundation. The result of this consolidation will be to dedicate the resources of the combined membership to "accelerate the growth of Linux by providing a comprehensive set of services to compete effectively with closed platforms." Jim Zemlin, currently the head of FSG, will lead the new organization as its Executive Director. The new organization will continue to support Linux in a variety of ways, including by providing economic support to Linus Torvalds and other key kernel developers, managing the Linux trademark, and providing legal protection to developers through such initiatives as the Open Source as Prior Art project, the Patent Commons, and the Linux Legal Defense Fund. It will also continue FSG's standardization efforts by maintaining the Linux Standard Base (LSB) and the Linux Developer Network (all major Linux distributions comply with the LSB today). Finally, it will "respond with authority" to disinformation and other attacks, and foster innovation by hosting collaboration in areas such as desktop interfaces, accessibility, printing, and application packaging, among many others. All in all, a tall order, but eminently possible given its membership: The Linux Foundation's founding members will include every major company in the Linux industry, including Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, Novell, Oracle and Red Hat, as well as many community groups, universities and industry end users. e.php?story=2007012113540789"
The Internet

Submission + - Domain registrar Registerfly not renewing domains

CmdrPete writes: According to users of, countless domain owners are having nothing but problems lately with popular discount domain name registrar My experience was typical: orders for domain renewals were charged to my credit card but never completed, trouble tickets go unanswered, and chat sessions with support are never answered. Some customers, unable to get help, have watched their domains expire and their online businesses vanish.

Complaints about net-based companies are nothing new, but what happens when registrars, who have huge numbers of domains and livelihoods in their control, unravel?

Submission + - The birth of a FOSS application

Joe Barr writes: "Brice Burges explains why and how he created a new free software application, as well as what he learned from the birthing process, in a story on The story provides first-hand insights into the frustrations and satisfactions of developers working on free/open source projects."
Data Storage

Submission + - Plextor Exits DVD drive market

mrshowtime writes: "It's a shame, but Plextor, maker of the best DVD burners in the business has decided to exit the business. They cited competition from Korea and falling profit margins. ts/"

Submission + - Ruby on Rails 1.2 Final released!

Pieter Steyn writes: "Get out your party balloons and funny hats because were there, baby. Yes, sire, Rails 1.2 is finally available in all its glory. It took a little longer than we initially anticipated to get everything lined up (and even then we had a tiny snag that bumped us straight from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 before this announcement even had time to be written). So hopefully its been worth the wait. Who am I kidding. Of course its been worth the wait. We got the RESTful flavor with new encouragement for resource-oriented architectures. Were taking mime types, HTTP status codes, and multiple representations of the same resource serious. And of course theres the international pizzazz of multibyte-safe UTF-8 wrangling. Thats just some of the headliner features. On top of that, theres an absolutely staggering amount of polish being dished out. The CHANGELOG for Action Pack alone contains some two hundred entries. Active Record has another 170-something on top of that. All possible due to the amazing work of our wonderful and glorious community. People from all over the world doing their bit, however big or small, to increase the diameter of your smile. Thats love, people. rest-admiration-http-lovefest-and-utf-8-celebratio ns"

Submission + - Beginner's HTML and CSS

jerquiaga writes: My little sister inadvertently signed up for a class on HTML and CSS, but she doesn't have any real HTML knowledge to speak of. To complicate matters, her teacher sent out a syllabus that told the students they need to find their own textbook. So I ask you, the Slashdot crowd, what would be a good book that addresses both HTML 4 and CSS in a way that a beginner would understand?

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