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Comment Re:FP? (Score 1) 942

And the "second" is an SI unit :D

I never said it wasn't, and I never mentioned SI units, you brought that up.

The point about time is that a day, a measurement based on the Earth's rate of rotation, has been split into 24 parts, a nice number divisble by 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12, each hour has been split into a similarly nice number of parts called minutes which in turn is split into seconds.

A metric version of time would presumably have 10 or 100 hours per day, 10 or 100 minutes per hour and so on. 10 is not a good number for dividing and has been chosen because of the number of digits this branch of the Great Apes have on their hands.

Comment Re:FP? (Score 1) 942

So you missed the entire point of my post.

Where accuracy matters you use metric. When it doesn't you stick with Imperial.

Our language is full of idioms based on Imperial measures. You don't throw that away just to prove how modern you are.

Ignorant, illiterate people like you are centimetring us closer to hell every day.

Comment Re:FP? (Score 0, Flamebait) 942

Why should people change? I'm English and we happily use metric for any financial transactions or scientific purposes but the Imperial system is more human friendly for things that matter. It developed over the centuries because its scales fit their purpose rather than being dictated by irrelevant physical phenomenom.

A tall person is over 6 foot. that has a nice ring to it. 1.8 metres is not human friendly. A foot is about the size of an adult foot, it makes sense.

We still use stones for weight. You end up at a nice number. 10 stones is a slim man, 15 stones is a porky man, 20 stones is a fatso. The equivalent range in Kg goes from around 60 to 120. We don't normally use numbers that high in every day life.

Time is still an imperial system, we just don't think of it that way. The French tried to metricise that too but it was crap. Using 60 minutes and 24 hours makes sense as they divide nicely into quarters and thirds unlike 10.

Also, our language, literature and petry is full of imperial words. We would lose a vital link with the past if we abandoned their use.

Metric has its place, but using it everywhere makes no sense.

Comment Re:Dear UK (Score 5, Insightful) 240

What a load of shit.

Most Muslims in the UK are quite happy with the way things are. You really think they want to turn us into Pakistan?

The 'UK School Trojan Horse Plot' is some hyped up nonsense based on a fake letter. Reminds me of the fake 'elders of Zion' hoax that still causes grief to Jews.

Some nutters blew up a couple of buses 10 years ago and as a result of peple like tyou playing into their hands by over-reacting we have awful legislation like this.

Islamic Extremism is not surging in the UK and don't bandy about your 'We' as if you represent me you ignorant arsehole.

Comment Re:Wait a sec (Score 1) 772

that doesn't mean those folks are any more intelligent or sophisticated

I'd agree with you on the intelligent part, but I think it does show a greater degree of sophistication. Sophistication means not being naive about how the world actually works. Understanding evolution therefore makes you more sophisticated.

Comment Re:Of course it's "lawful" (Score 1) 169

Why shouldn't prisoners be allowed to vote? Unless a person's citizenship is stripped, they should always retain the right to vote.

To be clear, I'm aware that the US has the same laws, but I've always felt them antithetical to a free and democratic society.

This is especially true in a world where no citizen can be aware of all of the laws and in many cases the laws actually conflict.

Well our elected parliament has decide they shouldn't.

Seems to me that elected representatives should make the law not judges.

Prisoners voting in the UK also poses specific problems as we vote in relatively small constituencies and some of our prisons are very large. You might end up giving prisoners a disproportionate amount of influence if they were in a swing seat.

We also send far fewer people to prison than the USA so the ones that are in there are almost certainly toerags.

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