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Comment Fracture (Score 1) 350

It's not what you're looking for, in terms of bulk; but, in terms of Slashdot it's worth giving a nod to Fracture ( They've got a pretty novel product what with printing on glass. I've been interested in trying them out to see what can be done with illumination of the glass for cool effect. Their prices also aren't really too outrageous either.

Comment Tool For The Job (Score 1) 114

I'd pick the right tool for the job. Go with some piece of software that's able to document your physical hardware and the software on it. Ideally, you'd find one that is able to discover on its' own what's there and continuously monitor it. It's a shameless plug, but one of the guys in my city has a product - Beyond kicking the pants off of a wiki visually, it is able to keep itself up to date. Use the wiki for the other documentation - the about's, how-to's, and cheatsheets.
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Running a small Mac Home Network

NotesSensei writes: "My family is a happy Mac user. Only lately constant bickering is breaking out about time slots for usage. So I decided to add two more Macs to the home network. Ideally I want to set them up, so regardless of which machine a family member is using they get their environment. Also I'd like to have passwords synchronized across the machines. I have a NAS for storage, but would like to know how to keep desktops and passwords (including the keychains) in sync."

Comment Re:Media is overpriced, pay-per-unit model is dyin (Score 1) 429

You're right about the cost of downloading, it just doesn't work out for the average guy being able to afford it. What I think will happen is a shift from having a downloaded copy where someone is paying per item to some form of subscription model. This being accomplished by either streaming audio/video or some kind of checkout system. Unfortunately, the logistics accomplishing this with portable media like the iPod aren't neatly clear cut - there'd be some kind of DRM to get labels to commit. I think one of the larger players out there already has some kind of subscription model but the popularity isn't great enough that I remember the name and conditions.

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