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Comment My recommendation is C# (Score 1) 389

For rapid development in Business Apps environments, I recommend C#.

I first learned in Java because Java is the most taught language in schools. Newbies, like college students, do the most searching on the web. That sways the stats to make Java look way more popular than C#. However, multiple checks for available jobs have shown C# to have as many or more jobs that Java. Also, the # character just isn't handled by everything as well as it should be and makes C# stats inaccurate. The # character causes a lot of C# stats to be lost and/or not properly counted.

IDE: Visual Studio is so far beyond other IDEs, nothing else even half as good. Maybe not even 1/3 as good. The free version of Visual Studio takes away any issues that used to exist, such as it being too expensive.
Language: C# has a lot of features and is fast to code in.
Mobile: With C# (using the now free Xamarin library), one can write mobile Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. C# provides the best native cross platform development experience for mobile apps out there.
Web: Whether you do WCF or WebAPI or MVC, you have some great options for coding the backend and frontend in C#. Though you can't completely get away from JavaScript for front end.
Verbosity: I write less code in C# to do the same things in Java and C#.
Buzz: .NET Core and the open source of .NET Core is creating a lot of buzz.

Oracle is not pushing Java forward like it needs to be pushed. If Android hadn't based it's primary language on Java, Java would be following Open Office into its slow demise.

Comment The language you write in most . . . (Score 1) 389

The language you write in most is the most popular language to you.

If you work in Java, C#, or C++, you will have plenty of jobs available. If you know two of them and have descent coding skills you will be head hunted constantly.

Knowing multiple languages makes you better.

English is my first language, but I learned Spanish as my second language. I didn't fully understand many of the grammar and other language concepts in English until I learned Spanish. Learning Spanish helped my English more than the study of English did.

Likewise, I didn't fully understand delegates and events in C# until I really started coding in JavaScript, a language that is extremely callback heavy, so much so that JavaScript can lead one to call back hell. Each language takes advantage of different features and logic and do so in different ways. Seeing how two different language implement the same feature actually helps you better understand the concept, not just use the code without fully understanding it.

So which language is popular doesn't matter. If you know two languages or more well, and can solve problems, you can probably be successful in any language.

Comment Re: And thus the Internet of Things collapses (Score 1) 211

Are you kidding. Most Americans are living the American dream and most American's are rich.

The problem is that many have changed the definition of rich. The idea of keeping up with the Jones is real, you just don't fully understand the extent of it and that most poeple are guilty of it even if we think we aren't.

In the middle ages, if a person owned land and had a livable building on it, and could self-sustain them and their family (at least two meals a day even if meager at time) from the land, that person was rich. They were probably a Lord, even if they couldn't afford servants.

Now, we have people who own land, a home, eat two or three meals every day, have their kids going to school, have electricity, one used car, refrigerators, hot water heaters, warm showers, soft beds, plenty of blankets, a couple TVs, a cable TV package. But they have four kids in only two bedrooms (can you believe they are sharing a room) and the household makes less than 50k a year. They can't get their kids phones. Some say that family is in poverty, or that family is incorrectly termed "lower middle class".

If you compare that family to the rest of the word, the way the other 7 billion people live, most in 3rd world countries, then that family isn't just rich; they are loaded. They have way more than they need. That family isn't just seeking the american dream, they have found it!

You see, over time "nice-to-haves" such as a car, a phone of any type, computers, tablets, game consoles, expensive diets, perfect grass in the yard, and many other things have slowly become so ubiquitous that you forgot that only the top 10% of the

Comment Confused. Tech is helping! (Score 1) 537

With internet and IT tech we are improving many aspects of the world by:
1. Improving communication world wide.
2. Improving entertainment world wide.
3. Improving education world wide.
4. Make banks and credit card readers available online to everyone (so even poor person from a 3rd world small town can run a business)

With DNA/Gene manipluation we are trying to end world hunger:
1. Creating GMO food that can grow where no plant has grown before.
2. Determining causes of diseases and how to stop them
3. Finding ways to kill weeds without pesticide

I could go on . . .

Comment Re:Crowd source the egress (Score 1) 146

Great example of something that is a valid use case.

Don't hit kids

You are assuming a car has to solve the problem the way you are solving it. You don't see the kids, but you guess they might be there by the open garage. So you drive slower. Why would a computer do that?

A self-driving care could be equipped with an infrared sensor and doesn't have to wonder if kids are nearby. It doesn't have to guess that their might be kids by open garages. The 360 degree sensor detects all warm life in the vicinity, tracks those heat signals movement at submillisecond speed, and makes sure not to hit any of the heat signatures without even having to slow down. So not only is the problem solved better, it doesn't require slow driving so things have improved.

Comment Re:Crowd source the egress (Score 1) 146

Ahh, this same stupid arrogant, insulting response when problems are blown out of proportion by an engineer who can't see the forest through the trees or think simple.

So, pray tell, what exactly is the solution to the problem of someone giving a Google AV a coordinate in NAD27 when Google expects WGS-84? How does Google differentiate? Do these over-smart all-knowing Google engineers think they'll teach everyone about datums and to always always use WGS-84?

No. They will probably instead teach everyone to push a button on their phone. Or teach everyone to drag an icon on an online map. The map may even be 3d someday.

I agree that sl149q's response could come across as sarcastic, but take the sarcasm out and he is right. Let the engineers know your use cases. Let them figure out how to deliver them in a simple way for the average user. If the engineers already know your use case, then you just added fuel to prove that there is demand for the use case. If they don't already know, then they will.

Comment Surface Pro 3 (5 stars) Other device (2 stars) (Score 1) 376

My Surface Pro 3 upgraded flawlessly. Since upgrading my Surface Pro 3, I have seen longer battery life, near instant wake up times. Better tablet mode. Better desktop mode.

My Lenovo W530 also upgraded just fine, though it isn't a tablet or touchscreen. I still like the experience better than Windows 8.1. Unfortunately, I cannot create a new user and login. I can only use the one user that already exists. I put an hour into fixed this and couldn't. The suggestion is to copy the c:\users\default folder from another windows 10 computer. I haven't tried that yet.

Two of my devices failed to upgrade. One entered a boot loop and I had to boot off a Windows 10 install CD, go to repair and troubleshooting and recover it all myself from the command line. Not something the average user could do. The forums said to reformat and there wasn't a fix. I managed to put it back together without a reinstall and it is back to Windows 7. The issue were never resolved before the final date for the free upgrade came and went. Not sure if Microsoft will let me upgrade now. I have an MSDN subscription, so I don't necessarily need the free keys, but I would like my personal devices and their keys separate from my work's MSDN keys.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 255

Yeah you would have. If you had a child, and you hadn't read this post yet, you would have simply said: "Look boy, check out the cool robot."

Then when it ran over your sons foot, you would have complained. Your story would reach Slashdot where some arm chair parent like you rags on you for not being OCD when it comes to protecting your kid.

Comment Science isn't better than religion (Score 1) 609

The problem with Science is big:

1. Problem 1 - Tthe same as with religion. Too many zealots.
While "Separation of Church and State" isn't really a phrase used in the constitution, it is a phrase the judicial system uses.
So if you can separate those that "believe in science" as a religion, then it might work.

2. Problem 2 - Science doesn't care about morality
What happens when science shows that your death benefits man more than your life?

3. Problem 3 - Science doesn't care about your inalienable rights
Right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, right?
See #2.
Also, what if science shows that liberty actually results in more unhappiness and more crime and death. So let's just take liberty away.

4. Problem 4 - Instead of a Christian crusade, there would be an anit-religion crusade
Let's kill all the believers who don't bow down to the truth that there is not God, religion is false, and science is everything.

How is science any better than when religion ran the government?

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 499

"I have never been given any opportunity to negotiate on salary. I do my performance review and I get a little slip of paper with my raise."

Your comment, Kria, is a perfect demonstration of what many articles are talking about when they say men negotiate salaries better than women. Kria, you assume you need to be given an opportunity to negotiate your salary.

More men would see that same performance review as an opportunity to negotiate salary. A higher number of men than women would make a choice to challenge the performance review and slip of paper and say: "That isn't enough. Raise that number or I'm going to start looking."

You have had opportunities, but you haven't seen them:
1. When you were hired.
2. Each performance review.
3. Every working day (especially good days when you are receiving praise for work well done)

Also, more men than women would create an opportunity to negotiate salary either by getting an offer for a different company or just asking.

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 1) 104

No for me. Charge backs are easy as can be.

Well's Fargo calls me. Hey we detected fraudulance on your card. Are these your expenses. They have called about 10 times. 2 times, I my card was pwned. Both times, they handled it all in seconds with no issues.

One time, I called Well's fargo, they didn't call me. Same deal. They canceled my current number, credited the charge and had me a new number all in a three minute phone call. Easy as can be.

Comment No through traffic laws exist (Score 1) 767

There are actually city laws that restrict through traffic in neighborhoods in many cities. Is Waze obeying these laws? If not, file a suit against them. Sending a driver into a neighborhood with a no through traffic law is just as against the law as suggesting a driver go down a one-way street.

If you don't have such a law, and your government allows lobbying, then go to your city meetings/counsels and lobby for the law. If the law doesn't pass. Deal with it. If the law passes, then once the law is in place, contact Waze. If Waze stops. Great. If Waze doesn't stop routing traffic through the neighborhood, but continues to send drivers intended to be through traffic, file a lawsuit. The fact that you contacted them, asked them to obey the law and they didn't is not going to go well for them in court.

My guess is that they are going to hit a lawsuit soon. And it is going to be a class action suit with thousands of neighborhoods joining in, so it will become a big deal.

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