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Comment "illegal search and seizure" (Score 1) 203

This seems like an "illegal search and seizure" to me. You need evidence an individual has done wrong to get that individuals history.

If you have no evidence of wrong doing be an individual or the company, you should not get a warrant for the company's data on that individual.

This is equivalent to saying: We found evidence of murder in two poeple's homes, so we are requesting all the homes in this city to be opened up for search.

This judge should be fired and fined for failure to follow the constitution.

Comment Cause many developers have to run windows anyways (Score 1) 403

This isn't such a bad solution for some developers. It is basically the same thing WINE attempted to do. Run Linux but still run Windows, only in reverse.

Imagine you work for a company that provides you a Windows machine, and you have to be the one to switch it to Linux all the time. You mostly code on Linux and the business systems run on Linux. However, you constantly have to load up that Windows VM for all the Windows-required functionality your company has. This is real and common. Examples: 1) legacy system only works on Windows. 2) you have a Power Point that looks terrible in open/libre office so you have to open it in actual Power Point. 3) Your VPN solution only works on Windows (according to IT) and you have to hack together a solution on Linux and every time they change a settings, you have to spend hours debugging your VPN cause IT doesn't support VPN from Linux. 4. There are thousands of windows only applications that business run. Some of the main ones are going away but more Windows only business apps are written every day.

So if you have to run Windows and Linux already, and Windows 10 now has a Linux subsystem, I could see the benefit of using one OS.

But there are non-technical reasons Linux users won't run Linux.
1. Religious-like zeal for Linux
2. Hate, spite, lack of trust, for all things Microsoft (a lot of which has been duly earned)
3. Privacy concerns, both real and imagined
4. Security concerns, both real and imagined and/or less targeted
5. etc...

Comment Not sure if this is good or bad (Score 1) 978

I live in the US.

On the one hand, I am against hate speech.
On the other hand, I am for freedom of speech.

Does fighting hate speech warrant a limitation to one's freedom of speech? No, it does not.

Fortunately, this is Twitter, not the US Government. While free speech is in the first amendment, there is nothing that I know of in the US Constitution or derivitvie laws that says that a social media business has to allow free speech on its platform. Blocking someone from Twitter does not block them from speaking out in other ways: verbally, self-publish their own web site or book, etc...

Also, while there is freedom of speech, there is not freedom from the social consequences of speech.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 430


Look, most Presidents have very little to do with the economy and how America is doing. For example, the PC boom in the early 90s and Internet boom throughout the 90s made President Bill Clinton look good. The economy was humming, so he got to spend his time "doing" other things.

The DotCom crash happened in 1999. The economy was hit but would have survived if not for the second crash that occurred after 9/11. Clinton was a terrible president who gets all the accolades of a great economy that are undeserved. If anything, he was too busy dealing with his extramarital sex life to have any clue what was happening with the DotCom world.

Bush Jr. was also a terrible President but he looks way worse than Clinton because both 9/11 and the housing bubble happened during his years in office. Neither were his fault. But hey, he was in office, so blame him.

In reality, Trump has to work with the balance of powers. Usually a president can't do too much damage.

Similarly, Obama came after the housing crash and there was nowhere to go but up and he was just in time to catch the mobile market and the Cloud markets that are booming and driving the booming economy. He passed Obamacare, which had a very low approval rating. Forcing a bill down the people throat when the majority vote against it is not a good thing. However, trying to help everyone have health care is a good thing. So who knows if we good or bad. Usually, it is hard to tell if a President was good or bad until about 20 years after they leave office.

Trump could be in for a shock if the mobile and cloud tech bubbles pop. The economy could tank and there is nothing he or anyone else can do about it.

When it comes to the economy, the President has less power, than Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, NetFlix, etc...

Comment Wrong Market (Score 1) 209


That is a huge problem. The Mac Book Pro is supposed to compete in the Hybrid market. Unfortunately is doesn't compete, at all. Not that Microsoft cares. Apple is just another hardware vendor that requires an Windows license, even it is run in a VM.

Every MAC users in most businesses has to have a Windows VM. There are rare cases where some people don't have a Windows license running in a VM on their MAC, but those are rare cases.

Comment Re:Really.. (Score 1) 209

You haven't really heard anything then.

Surface Pro 3 owner. I think it is the best computer on the market. Touch screen is phenomenal.

Yes, Microsoft makes hardware, now, but really,
  - first, if you compare it by hybrid devices running Windows vs Hybrid devices running OS X, instead of comparing by each manufacturers separate hardware, the numbers show how minuscule Apple sales really are. It is great for their company, and quite profitable, but don't confuse that with a significant market share.
  - Second, their Mac Book Pro isn't even a true hybrid cause it has no touch screen -- no the touch bar doesn't count as a touch screen. It is just a laptop. So it really need to compared to laptop sales, not hybrid sales.

Comment No. In fact, HELL no! (Score 1) 1081

No. In fact, Hell, no. If you don't understand the electoral college and it's benefits, you don't understand America.

The electoral college is serving the exact purpose it was intended to serve. Without the Electoral College, those who live in cities slowly drive the rural areas toward poverty and slavery and resource deprivation.

See, there are two district groups of people. Those in a big city and those out of a big city. It is very difficult for either to understand the other. The Big City people already have the advantage on numbers. But they have no clue about life outside the big city. Our rural areas, especially our farmers, are critical to big city life in ways those who live in the big city don't understand. The rural people have an insight that most people who live in the city never can understand.

Even with the Electoral College, the large metropolitan cities in California and New York and other states have massive power, perhaps more than they should.

Before we remove the electoral college, we should stop having 100% of the state's electoral college go one candidate. Each Electoral college vote should represent an area. In California, there are areas that are 90% republican, but their voice gets stomped on by the rest of California. California has 55 electoral college votes.

The grouping of electoral college votes has helped further the terrible two party system. Without grouping the electoral college, it would be more likely that another party or an independent could win some electoral college votes, which would encourage more diversity in thinking.

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