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Comment Re:Be glad you're not in Canada (Score 2, Informative) 555

Well, I am in Canada. I'm on Telus. I have an unlimited data plan that actually is unlimited and it costs me $45/mo. I easily use 25GB of data a month (tethering included) and still just pay that $45 fee.

Good plans are out there, you just have to find them. Canadian carriers don't make it easy.

Comment Re:What uses so much data? (Score 1) 501

I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an HTC Touch. I use about 15GB/month of data (incoming/outgoing) on my phone. This is mostly because I stream music a minimum of 9 hours a day at work and while I'm driving. I also surf on the phone and tether for occasional web surfing on the go when I need the real web. I also get all my e-mail from several accounts, attachments too.

It adds up quick.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Atari is stealing music

An anonymous reader writes: A few month after the fight when Atari was claimed to left out graphic artist Dan Schoening in the final credits of the game Ghostbusters: The Video Game, even though Sony / Sierra had given them his word he would be in the final credits.... Atari does it again. Swedish musician Jonne Dahlberg, also known as "svenzzon" , famous for his underground demoscene music found in many scene related productions, can now find his music in the videogame. No credits, no compensation. The music is played during a visit in the Arcade hall: and reflects the old commodore days. The music is actually a remix of Chris Huelsbecks old intro music to Turrican 2. Huelsbeck is also the legal owner to the Turrican music and he also confirms that no credits has been given to him, or Jonne Dahlberg. Its funny, these big publishers like Sony that stands for strict copyrights when asked about sites like The Pirate Bay, but when it comes to their own products, stealing is not an issue.

Submission + - Coca Cola CIO says better communication is needed (

Sophie Crossman writes: "Esat Sezer, SVP & CIO for Coca Cola Enterprises, has confirmed attendance as the keynote speaker at the CIO Summit US, one of the most important meetings this year for America's top CIOs.

The summit, which will be held from September 8-10 in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been highlighted as a vital meeting place for all major companies across the US and their CIOs to discuss future investments in order to create an economic upturn for America.

In today's world, corporations such as Coca Cola Enterprises have the financial reserves to weather the economic climate with the ability to increase spending over the next year. Stability in US markets is vital during the last quarter of 2009, and we need to see the major players in business come together to execute and promote their companies, creating vital partnerships and investments with each other in order to steer the nation out of any further economic decline.

Sezer is set to highlight the need for better communication, internally and externally, referencing to Coca Cola Enterprises' 6 month migration to SaaS, and the benefits this has drawn from its increased Employee Productivity and essential Cost Management. He will be joined by impresarios such as Rajesh Rawal, SVP & CIO of Burger King Corporations, Cassio De Oliveira, VP & CIO of Panasonic Corporation of North America, Mike Goodwin, SVP & CIO of Hallmark Cards, Inc., and Paul Johnson, EVP & CIO of BB&T, amongst 50 other visionaries at the meeting in September.

The unstable nature of the climate requires forward-thinking and visionary executives who operate and make decisions outside the vacuum of directors. It is vital that to stabilise the economy, America needs to look towards its large corporations which span over a wide spectrum of markets for quick decisions that will hopefully create an uprise.

Ironically, the world is now relying on companies like Coca Cola and Burger King to help shape its economy — how did we arrive at a place where unhealthy junk food corporations could be the answer to the world's economic crisis?

For more information please visit:"

Comment My oldest tech, a pinball machine. (Score 1) 622

The oldest tech gear I use on a daily basis is the MPU board in my 1980 Stern Seawitch pinball machine. The serial number is quite low, so it was made in 1980 at some point and still works like the day it was made. It's received some TLC over the years, but.. rock solid reliable.

Before that, my oldest tech would have been the MPU in my 1978 Stern Lectronamo. It's since been sold to make way for other machines.

Check out Seawitch:
The Courts

Submission + - Appeals Court Says RIAA Hearing Can't be Streamed (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit has overturned a lower court order permitting webcast of an oral argument in an RIAA case, SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum, in Boston. As one commentator put it, the decision gives the RIAA permission to 'cower behind the same legal system they're using to pillory innocent people'. Ironically, the appeals court's own hearing had been webcast, via an mp3 file. The court admitted that this was not an appropriate case for a 'prerogative writ' of 'mandamus', but claimed to have authority to issue a writ of 'advisory mandamus'. The opinion came as a bit of a surprise to me because the judges appeared, during the oral argument, to have a handle on the issues. The decision gave me no such impression. From where I sit, the decision was wrong in a number of respects, among them: (a) it contradicted the plain wording of the district court rule, (b) it ignored the First Amendment implications, and (c) there is no such thing as 'advisory' mandamus or 'advisory' anything — our federal courts are specifically precluded from giving advisory opinions."

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