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Comment Re:Classification is used to cover bad actions (Score 1) 19

There are instances where bulldozing an area allows a clean start. I agree that somethings may end up in the refuse pile that shouldn't

However the existing programs that are in place have been altered to do exactly as the previous comments.

In other words, the weeds have overtaken the garden.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 4, Interesting) 330

Just because an organization is considered a "not for profit" does not mean "someone" is not making a decent amount of money doing what they do. Take a look at any Charity, foundation, donation organization, etc. and take a look at the person running it. In most cases that person is making millions.

Comment Re:I Can See It Now (Score 1) 111

Ummm, Yes!!, I would. Only difference I would see is that there would be less stress at the Starbucks. After the hours worked the pay rate would even out. Free coffee is a perk offered by both, but I am thinking Starbucks has better quality blends. So, if it came to life vs. job.... which would you prefer?

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