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Comment Re:I Can See It Now (Score 1) 109

Ummm, Yes!!, I would. Only difference I would see is that there would be less stress at the Starbucks. After the hours worked the pay rate would even out. Free coffee is a perk offered by both, but I am thinking Starbucks has better quality blends. So, if it came to life vs. job.... which would you prefer?

Comment Re:Private Company (Score 1) 293

Well, since the 80's I have seen the decline of actually reporting of the news and more of trying to promote an ideal.

I have always thought it was the responsibility of a reporting company to actually report events and not try and influence SOME peoples beliefs and/or agenda.

It is no wonder people are turning to other communication means for current events.

The downside to this is if we can't trust the source of the information, how are we supposed to get the facts?

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