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Comment Re:Cloud != Magic (Score 1) 113

Agreed. The biggest question I would pose here is that why did not all these companies take cloud based services not being available to allow continuation of business into account? This is a basic HA design paradigm in order to not be affected by service interruptions. Anytime an external system call is performed, the assumption should be that it is not available and provide an alternative mechanism to handle outages and not affect business operations. Unless, of course, the business has no issues with not being able to do anything and is willing to accept the downtime as negligible.

Comment Re:That much demand for being lied to? (Score 1) 202

Their salary offering is much to be desired. They do not even offer standard industry rate no matter where they are geographically located. In 2010, they would offer about 10-20k less for a senior developer in the area that I was in.

They also employ the same tactics as Infosys, TCS, etal with regard to H1Bs.

Comment Re:I feel that lone sysadmin's pain (Score 1) 356

My major whoops early in my career.

Brand new install of Slackware with Kernel 1.2.8 (circa late 1994) which was a statically linked build. Thought I was in /usr/local/lib (shell only had current level directory not the full path) but was really in /lib. Proceeded to rm -rf * to get rid of a test build (or so I thought). Well then I was wondering after about 10 sec the rm command was throwing errors. Seems that once the rm command hit libc.a any and all operations ceased.

After that I always had the root user have the full path in the shell. Luckily no data was lost that a quick reinstall did not fix. But people did start asking me why they were getting a bizarre error when trying to get their mail with their pop client.

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