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Comment Re:EASY (Score 1) 100

Yea, the CA method does take a little more effort, but this has worked with annoying alarm type output devices of similar size, so I figured it should be enough to eliminate the input as well. You would have to know where the mics are and ensure that you get them all. You are correct, unplugging is the safer and easier. This is the reason I hate iPhone devices. You can not remove power source (with ease).

Comment EASY (Score 3, Insightful) 100

Nothing a dollop of cyanoacrylate can not fix to disable the ability to microphone from picking up anything. If I wanted my TV to hear me, I will tell it with the remote or better yet, unplug when not in use. The latter seems more frequent these days as there is nothing really worth watching anymore.

Comment Re:If he gets busted... (Score 2) 88

That does not excuse the attack on someone else property (even if they are stupid) due to an inherent flaw in it's design. This has already been somewhat questioned.

The law forbids hacking, even in self-defense. The report mentioned the Computer Misuse Act in the UK and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the US as examples of legal roadblocks preventing private hackback operations.

Reference here

While I would not be adverse to removing said devices from the bot pool permanently, but there may be legalities involved.

Comment Re:I don't link my apps to Facebook (Score 1) 38

Not surprised, they have officially become a sanctuary company. Their staff has been given the "green light" to protest the current government (and we all know how they feel about the current administration). I see this as a boon for like minded people, but a detriment for the ones that oppose their ideals. This is almost as bad as Starbucks CEO spouting of hiring 15k refugees. They probably pissed off half of their customers with that comment. Oh well, it is their company and I can choose to go else where.

Comment Re:But it's a very well known fact... (Score 1) 619

Anything that requires precision is already metric. Chemistry, engineering, etc.

Only since 1999 after the Mars Climate Orbiter fiasco. The conversion started in the 70's from what I remember, but there was resistance from most big businesses as too costly and time consuming. Thus we now have dual labels/signs as well as two sets of wrenches, socket tool sets, etc....

I guess it will take a couple more of these types of losses to convince Congress to fully convert to metric and ignore big businesses whining.

Comment Re:But it's a very well known fact... (Score 1) 619

We should have gone over to metric decades ago. I never saw the logic or the need to not go metric. Now, in most cases, we have label/signs that have both.

I realize we have quite a lot of time and materials that rely upon imperial measurement, but changing to metric has been on going for the last several decades and we are still emphasizing imperial measurement. How many more years will we have to wait to officially adopt the easier measurement system?

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