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Comment Re:Um.. the populuar vote is very, very real (Score 1) 496

It is not a popularity contest. It is a selection by all states to be represented.

Ummm, and the Republican Party was not formed until 1854 so to say the distortion that the EC was created to mute voices is bogus. Realize that the Republican Party was formed from the Whig party whose emphasis was on anti-slavery. Which the Demorcats in 1824 were pro-populism mainly from southern states. The didn't shift to their current liberal stance until Roosevelt (FDR) era.

Comment Re:Hilary was anything but a demagogue (Score 1) 410

I do not agree that she was not one as well. She also made quite a few promises to here constituents as well as donors. This is the first part make promises. The second part is using fear in order to gain support. Just based on the loss she encountered many liberal saw that the world was doomed. This was the fear she instilled by her and the current administration by trying to paint the picture that he will be the cause of the next World War or that he will have the nuclear launch codes. So by definition, the promises and fear seems to fit this pattern. So try and rationalize this anyway you want, but BOTH used fear and promises to gain the presidency.

Comment Re:This works for me (Score 1) 410

The one advantage of the Chinese setup is you don't get a demagogue rising to the top purely by promising the ignorant and hateful everything they hope to get (basically make brown people go bye-bye isn't it?).

The context in which it was used in the previous post was basically making campaign promises that every politician makes. They all try to appeal to their constituents with promises that will alleviate their concerns about the current direction. ALL of them do it.

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