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Comment Nonprofit sector, not that great either (Score 1) 427

I am a veteran nonprofit sector worker and I can say that it isn't much better over here either. Unpaid interns are strung along to think that the internship will benefit them in some way, but they are made to do the shit work that other people don't want to do. Then people take credit for the work of the intern.

The part that rankles me the most is that whatever modicum of benefit an unpaid intern gains is the small leg-up that one needs to become a "professional" in the world. Poor people and those who are otherwise disadvantaged for not fitting in to the norm are cut out of the loop. Anyone who actually can't afford to work for free will continue to work waged jobs and exacerbate the social stratification we currently live under.

Then all of the middle-class white people at the nonprofit whine, "why don't we have any diversity?!"

Submission + - down (

rhinokitty writes: All you see is the error "The origin server has been marked down, waiting for the timeout period before retrying:"

Comment you still learn when you cheat (Score 1) 484

Look. If cheating gets kids excited about learning new things, good! Can you remember the last time you got all sweaty and your heart rate increased thinking about a new technology? It is good! Grading is really unnecessary and just serves to filter out kids that might otherwise have a great learning experience.

Submission + - Hackers a Credible Threat to Dams? ( 1

rhinokitty writes: International Rivers, an anti-dam organization that has been fighting big hydro developtment since 1985, provides testimony from three campaigners about the feasibility of dams being decommissioned by "hackers."

"I have never heard of a dam being attacked by a computer hacker and find the whole concept quite intriguing. How do you send a computer virus to attack a huge chunk of concrete on a river?" Aviva Imhof, Interim Executive Director

Outlook not so good?


Submission + - Wireless for the People in Your Neighborhood (

rhinokitty writes: Today I begun beta testing 510pen, a community wireless mesh network that allows people in the East Bay Area to share their Internet connection to create an open wireless infrastructure for, as they said on Sesame Street, "the people in your neighborhood." 510pen is partnering with Media Alliance and Cernio Technology Cooperative in order to create a non-profit member-benefit cooperative to manage the wireless network.

So far it has been great. I just cracked open my new wireless mesh gateway, the Model OM1P from Open Source Mesh Solutions, all I had to do to get setup was plug it in as a replacement for my old wireless router. Then I could get online using the SSID "open-mesh," go to and register. About five minutes after registering my wireless gateway updated itself and my new customized 510pen wireless mesh node was online. I also have a private wireless network I can use that isn't available to the public. I will be keeping a log of my connection and uptime, hopefully it helps the network.

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