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Submission + - Can't afford Adobe products? Then rent them (

tekgoblin writes: "Adobe has released a rental program for their entire software suite which is supposed to be much more affordable. This new plan could be useful if you aren't willing to shell out the big bucks to actually own the software you can pay a lower monthly fee to use it, say for that college class you are taking. The programs that you rent will be installed on your own computer with all features enabled just as if you bought the full version."

Comment Re:Headline total fail (Score 0) 287

I agree! Also, just the other day a news article said there was a "shoot out" and I couldn't figure out if they were talking about grass stalks or guns! And then someone wanted to show me a "duck bill" but I kept telling him that I wasn't going to pay for his charges. English is too hard.

Comment Re:From the No-shit-sherlock department (Score 1) 716

I think of it like this:

Dogs I've owned have shown amazing memorization and training capabilities. I can say "Ok, go get your leash." and they'll find it (not always in the same place) and bring it to the door and wait for me. Or there are the hundreds of various tricks you see many dogs do (Go get me a soda and a bag of chips) that involve a high level of complexity. I forget the name for it, but dogs are capable of abstract thought to the point where they know which rules apply when the leash is on versus off. Human children don't learn that until they're around four. All of these things tell me dogs are intelligent.

Ok, cats. Everything I've just said about dogs will of course be repudiated by someone saying "Cats are too smart to do what you want!" By that logic, my tetra fish are fucking geniuses, because I feed them and they don't do ANYTHING for me (at least the cats cuddle). You can't take not doing something to prove intelligence, it just means they won't (or can't) do it.

So what can we compare? Let's start with cause and effect. My dogs know when dinner time is. It's the same time every day. My cats think it's food time every time I walk near the kitchen and god help me if I'm handling a can because they'll meow for the next 10 minutes. It doesn't matter to them that I HAVE NEVER FED THEM BECAUSE OF THIS. There is no reason to believe that something will happen if they pester me and plenty of reason to think that I'll throw them in another room.

Cats just look smart because they never fail because they never try (or can't try).

Comment Re:As long as we Americans keep buying made in Chi (Score 1) 326

The prophesy thing always gets me. The Bible MUST be true because someone in 400 AD wrote a book set in 200 BC that "successfully" predicts an event taking place in 50 BC.

Damn! All those history books in the library are actually prophesies! And they came true!

P.S. Star Trek successfully prophesied cell phones, touch screens and hot alien love making (still waiting).

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 326

Earlier popularizations of Buddhism would work fine, but you're right about the modern Buddhist culture.

One of the tenents of Buddhism (in the texts, at least) is to seek enlightenment by finding peace with your station in life. Questioning authority, striving to better your place in society and studying the science of the Universe only leads to discontentment and frustration.

Comment Re:Acetaminophen (Score 1) 229

By the way, look up behavioral addiction. In that context, it is possible to become addicted to marijuana. It's also possible to become addicted to gambling, sports, video games or (with practice) letting red fire ants crawl up and down the back of your throat.

Marijuana, however, is not chemically addicting.

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