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Submission + - Over 1000 volunteers for 'suicide' mission to Mars ( 1

thAMESresearcher writes: The Dutch company Mars One is organizing a one way mission to Mars 2023. In a press release that came out today, they say they have over a thousand applicants already.
In the press release they also mention that they are now a nor-for-profit Foundation.
It sounds ambitious, but they have a Nobel prize winner, an astronaut and several people from NASA on their board.

Comment Re:remember when slashdot was good?! (Score 1) 1052

What city do you live in that has the roaming gangs of NFC scanning master thiefs? Honestly, here's some wild speculation on my part, the chance of someone being out, with this technology, within what, a metre of you?, for long enough to steal your information, must be ridiculously small. Yet I would assume you drive a vehicle of some sort with a much higher probability of death and destruction. This is also assuming its a one factory auth system. Honestly.

Comment Re:Both are growing, however (Score 1) 550

It is telling to note, that both Android and iPhone are growing market share at the expense of Blackberry and others, rather than at the expense of each other.

They are obviously new sales, otherwise the market would be growing. Most sensible people will be buying iPhones until Google stop demanding an Internet connection to use their search engine instead of installing to local SD card.

seriously you must be trolling but i'll bite

wtf is the point of a search engine without the internet? your perfect world is a search engine that is locally installed and has to be updated constantly....which uses the internet to get your results anyway?

and what is a 'smart phone' without the internet?

Comment Re:This is why I refuse to buy apple products. (Score 1) 754

I have 2.2 on my Galaxy S and its faster and looks best than two of the guys at work who have iphone 4's they all looked at me with disdain the first day, like I was a fool for getting it.

But after they played with it and ran a few comparisons, they dont hang out with me so much anymore

so I

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