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Comment Re:Image problem (Score 4, Insightful) 30

The promise of ADN was a "social backbone". You build the social network once, and add it to your app. They had a Twitter clone as a demonstration product (called Alpha). But the idea was, you didn't need to reinvent the wheel every time you created an app. So you sign up for ADN once. Someone invents Vine? Well, they integrate with ADN, and voila! Once you download Vine you have all your friends already there. You don't have to reinvite them and re-friend them on the latest app of the month. When you discover Instagram, well they are plugged into ADN so again your friends are already present and you don't have to find them again under a different username or whatever. That was the idea. The problem was1) They decided to go ad-free, so both developer and user accounts cost money initially. There was eventually a free tier of user accounts. 2) Outside of developers reading the spec, follow-on apps were slow in coming so for a long time, it was just a paid and ad-free alternative to Twitter. Eventually there were apps like Whisper, and Climber for example that duplicated Instagram and Vine and created private chat rooms and instant messaging like Whatsapp. The thing was, really they wanted to be an API, and no one was interested. Why share your most valuable thing, users and their data, with someone else? How do you monetize that if it's given away to everyone else on the network and to all apps? Better to build walls around the garden and sell ads. It's too bad. It had promise.

Comment Re:You are insane (Score 5, Insightful) 635

You can't have it both ways. When Obama bailed out the largest automaker with a *LOAN*, you trumpettes cried foul and pledged not to every buy anything from "Government Motors" or those greedy unions. Trump comes by and saves like half of the jobs that Carrier is sending to Mexico by *GIVING AWAY* taxpayer money and it's all "he's a genius deal maker" and "MAGA" with you folks. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Comment Makes sense to me (Score 1) 164

I dunno, on both my Windows 7 laptop and my older Macbook (non pro) the time estimates are both way off. It seems they both take into account what I'm doing right now and project it across the remaining wattage. If I'm surfing the web it might show 4 hours left but if I fire up Starcraft she sure ain't gonna go another 4 hours. So what's the point of showing a time? I can play about an hour of SC2 on my Win7 laptop before I get warning about needing to plug it in. Even though it could go all day with just a browser. I don't do anything super hardcore on my mac other than ios programming but I imagine it's the same. That big swing in time remaining as you change from task to task isn't at all accurate. Seems kinda opportunistic for Apple to do it now, when they are indeed having battery issues, but it's generally an idea I can support.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 376

I was surprised to see my Honda dealer actively using them. Salesman used it as a wireless tablet in the lot to pull up specifics on different models I wanted to look at while we walked around, then when we went inside he docked it to a traditional monitor and keyboard and used it to get the paperwork going on my purchase. Only place I've seen one used, but it looked like a nice use case.

Comment Re:African-American sounding names? (Score 1) 476

>You really can't tell if someone who has a french, indian, polish, italian heritage by their last name? You need to get out more.

The app doesn't display last names at all and first names until accepted. On the initial pop-up requesting a ride you only get star rating and distance to the pax. After accepting you get only the first name.

Knowing that, I'd say racism could only explain the cancellations, and not the wait time. I mean if you've accepted it and are cool with the name, star rating, and location of pickup, you'd drive right there. After all, the meter doesn't start until the pax in the car. Why would you dawdle wasting gas and not getting paid?

Comment Re:do people really talk to their phones? (Score 1) 197

The one and only thing I use Siri for is "Siri, take me home" at the end of an Uber shift when I'm somewhere I have no idea what the best route out of it is. Instantly navigates me home, which I usually only need for the first few turns until I'm back on the highway or whatever. For anything, it's pointless. It never plays the music I ask for, never interprets my commands to text someone correctly (Like say the pax I'm on the way to pickup). Siri sucks. Hard. To the point I get fed up and yell at her :-)

Comment Re:Training (Score 1) 44

I'd love if someone could explain to me how this is supposed to work. I work on a software development team at a company of 50k employees. While we are developing and documenting the software planning, the doco lives on our team sharepoint site - where it is constantly updated. Once we come up with a final design, we have to upload our (hopefully) final doco to a department architect sharepoint site where it is reviewed and approved, or sent back for revision. There's almost always something they nitpick, so I have to revise the doc that lives on the team sharepoint site and then upload a copy of that back to the architect sharepoint. Then we upload it to yet another sharepoint for the overall project and present it to the project team and business line who requested the IT project, invariably resulting in changes to the doc, necessitating changes in all three places. Doco is continually out of sync, since I can't just have one doc and symlinks or somesuch to the three sites. It's a nightmare and the stupidest thing I've ever seen for doco management. Yet it all needs to be there. The project requires all artifacts related to the project to be documented within the project SP for completeness, the auditors require all code changes to live in the architect sharepoint for overall system documentation, and we need to keep our internal team sp updated, because if someone ever has to maintain this code, the team already has access to the team sp - and wouldn't have to wait for access to, or dig to find, the other sites.

And the best part is that none of this is searchable! Even if I know the internal project ID number, there's no overarching way to search for it, since each project runs it's own siloed SP site not linked to anything else. And at the architect IT site, you're only allowed to see what you uploaded yourself. God I hate sharepoint. It's a plague unto IT.

Comment Re:How to make it cheaper? (Score 1) 69

I see the carpooling part, but the summary also mentions charging fares, not splitting costs. Presumably the car owner is for hire and accepts them, Google just uses something along the lines of "Uber Pool" and "Lyft Line" which also matches riders going in the same direction. Which isn't a differentiator at all, as the article claims.

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