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Comment What? (Score 1) 172

The most retarded game store is actually going to do something right? Thought for sure that GameStop would be the only company to NOT honor the pre-orders due to them being over a decade old and because they are one of the most capitalist corporations in America. It would be more profitable for them to charge customers again to pre-order the actual release.

Still don't like them so IF I pre-order, it will be though Steam.

Comment Re:It's funny (Score 1) 550

So what is making all these other people choose Android phones instead of iPhones, assuming they don't share my unique background and prejudices? It's not price -- as far as I can tell, that's pretty comparable for both platforms these days.

For me, price was part of it. My previous phone was a Motorola RAZR 2 which is still slowly dieing (keyboard buttons are wearing out) and I now have a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. It took me over a week to get the phone because every store that carried it was sold out and yet, at the same time, I could have gotten an iPhone 4 from anyone as they still had hundreds in stock. I love this phone, its fast, it does slow down on occasion but it doesn't bother me much because I can do pretty much whatever I want to this thing. On a stock, non-jailbroken iPhone, can you install any app from any source? I don't believe so. That is called a walled-garden and is the SOLE reason that I didn't get an iPhone even though I could have had one on the spot. I love Android. the market is amazing and so is the ability to install any app by copying it to the phone and clicking on it.

This is the reason that I can see Android devices continue to out sell Apple. Also, 16 GB iPhone 4: $299. My 16 GB Galaxy: $150 for the phone and $30 for a double case, that is, I have a rubber case around the phone and a belt case. So even with a case, I still saved around $100 by not subscribing to Apples walled-garden.

Comment Re:This will really confuse a good fanboi (Score 1) 221

what's an Itouch?

What exactly is an iTouch? It's certainly not a product that Apple sells or promotes. I'm not a fanboi of Apple products any more. to that end the only Apple device I own is an iPod Classic 80GB which was discontinued at some point in 2010. Everyone who calls the iPod Touch an iTouch can go iTouch themselves with their iPod Touches. Stop being controlled by the media and learn to think for yourself. Just because someone wants to try and be cool by making up a name for something doesn't mean you do the same. Would you jump off of a bridge just because someone else did? Most likely not. Death to the iTouch. ITS CALLED AN iPod. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

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