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Comment Re:Craigslist (Score -1) 244

Are you kidding me? I tolerate craigslist because it's the only game in town, or the only one that matters (same with ebay and facebook).

Craigslist has just about the worst user interface / search / features that I can imagine. I look at craigslist and see a conservative and understaffed company headed by a man with many virtues, but takes a near-religious stance against any kind of improvement, evolution, or change on his site.

I admire craigslist a lot for not exploiting their users. But c'mon, lets upgrade the search/filtering/user experience a little bit! I don't think the users would cry over one new feature every year or so. I wouldn't.

Submission + - Neo-Geo back with a laptop (

huntall writes: "The company SNK could give one of the most surprising news of 2012 to announce that it will return to the ring with the manufacture of hardware for video games."

Comment Laws of mathematics (Score 5, Funny) 215

The top X% of any distribution is always going to consume some "large" number Y. I bet the top 1% of income earners earn 80% of all income. The top 1% of book readers probably read 80% of all books. And I bet the top 1% of slashdot posters live in 80% of all basements.. it's just basic math. Whenever there's a distribution.. well, some people will do a lot, and some a little.

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