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Comment Re:Better cost a LOT less (Score 1) 174

Oh BS. The whole selling point of the Tesla is the +200 mile range. I live in Kansas City. The next big city west is Denver at 540 miles, which is 9 hours. The next city east is St. Louis at 240 miles, a 4 hour trip. Am I going to plug into a 120V, 15A outlet for +24 hrs in central KS. No, I will use a supercharger. Despite what people say in this thread, the superchargers are for road trips. Look at the f'in map; they are long interstates.

Comment Re:Better cost a LOT less (Score 1) 174

For a long road trip, it is the only source of energy. At least that was the point of the supercharger; put them along interstates between large cities. Than again, I don't even own an electric car. I suppose though that if the supercharger is the only thing between you and running out of juice, you'll pay through the whazoo. Electricity for cars is supposed to be cheap, nowhere near comparable to a gas fill-up.

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