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Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 2) 289

Yep. I just bought a used 2015 Leaf (base model with quick charger) @ 19k miles for $8,500. Can't beat that. I love the car and have not pumped gas in 3 months. Plenty of Leafs coming off two year leases. This is a 3rd car in a 2 car household; I now just drive my truck a few miles very other week. In 5 years when my kid can drive it can be hers.

Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 1) 289

I like my base model Leaf because it doesn't have a bunch of tech. The fanciest thing is an LCD display for the radio that functions as a backup camera. No nav system, etc. Just a basic electric car. Sadly I'm probably in the minority as everyone nowadays wan'ts whiz-bang bullshit touchscreens instead of a simple, car.

Comment Re:Millennials (Score 1) 207

Case in point. Millennial Hipster (MH) leases hip loft in KC, MO. That's good until your kid is in the unaccredited, crime ridden KCMO school district. MH then flees to Johnson County, KS suburbs with good schools. MH still wants urban dwelling so now these massive, mixed use developments are being built. MH only stays in KC, MO if he can afford $26k year private schooling.

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