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Comment Hell yes (Score 1) 804

Yes please! And while we are at it, also in conferences during talks. In every CS conference I attend, there's more people chatting than paying attention to the talks. If you don't want to listen, just don't go. This will also make people realize the awful quality of scientific presenters in general, since they will be forced to pay attention to them.

Submission + - Intel Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Uses HDCP Crack ( 2

Tootech writes: Intel threatened legal action Friday against anybody who uses its proprietary crypto key — leaked on the internet — to produce hardware that defeats the so-called HDCP technology that limits home recording of digital television and Blu-ray.

“There are laws to protect both the intellectual property involved as well as the content that is created and owned by the content providers,” said Tom Waldrop, a spokesman for the company, which developed HDCP. “Should a circumvention device be created using this information, we and others would avail ourselves, as appropriate, of those remedies.”

Intel’s comments came as it confirmed that the internet leak of the “master key” to the High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection system was authentic.

HDCP is a copy-protection technology that encrypts high-definition video traveling from Blu-ray players or set-top boxes to television monitors. The technology was approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 2004, and is a standard feature in televisions, cable boxes, satellite receivers and Blu-ray players in much of the modern world.


Submission + - Is CS and Journalism a Marriage Made in Heaven?

theodp writes: NYU adjunct prof Nick Bilton, a former programmer at the NY Times, argues that reporters need to know how to manipulate computers in order to tell the stories that matter most to their audiences. He feels that hacks should be hackers, and he isn't alone. Forbes reporter Taylor Buley, who admits to being less than a great programmer, knocks out code to help him 'do the same work, just quicker.' And now, Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism is starting a dual-degree master's program in journalism and computer science, aiming to elevate j-school computing skills way above video editing and writing HTML.

Submission + - Slashdot a Popular Destination for Chinese Spies? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: I was playing around with Google Trends for Websites and just out of curiosity looked at what it would come up with for US seems to take the #1 traffic ranking, no surprises there. #3 traffic rank goes to China which is interesting. But more interestingly, if you check out the "Also searched for" column for China, you see a rather intriguing search term — "ext:rtf ext:ppt ext:pptx ext:csv ext:xls ext:xlsx ext:docx ext:doc ext:pdf document confidential site:gov".

Chinese spy master: So what did you do today grasshopper?
The apprentice: Well, I just trawled around for confidential US government documents, scored some console warez on and oh yeah, hung out Slashdot a whole lot!
Chinese spy master: Excellent. Keep up the good work!


Submission + - Study: Many government web sites stink

coondoggie writes: "Seems its ok for some portions of our government to go looking pretty will-nilly for information about us, but we can't get information easily about them. A report issued today by the National Security Archive Knight Open Government survey, found widespread failure among federal agencies to follow the Electronic Freedom of Information Act amendments that took effect in 1997. Here are the top 12 sites worst Web sites for gleaning information according to the group: Air Force (Department of Defense, Department of Defense, Department of Interior.... 4"

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