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Comment What's in your Apple Pay Wallet? (Score 1) 68

While not any app can access the NFC in an iPhone directly, any entity can leverage the NFC via Apple Pay. I have plenty of reward cards, even tickets, airline tickets, etc. in my Apple Pay Wallet. What Apple requires for an entity to be in the Apple Wallet I don't know, but I don't believe they are stifling innovation. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I just haven't heard of anyone being turned down to be part of Apple Pay.

Comment Why 'take cues' Surface? (Score 1) 119

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the Surface products been some of the worst selling products ever? I remember the sales of the first Surface were so bad that Microsoft was sued by investors for misleading them with the sales numbers. If I am correct about surface sales, why would you 'take cues' from a flop?

Comment First Macintosh (Score 1) 154

I purchased my first Macintosh in 1990. A Macintosh LC to replace my Apple //e. I would have purchased a Mac much sooner, but I was waiting for a color model I could afford. I couldn't see moving from my color //e to a black & white Mac. When did you purchase your first Mac, and which one was it?

Comment MS won't allow this anyway (Score 1) 564

Why would Microsoft allow this? The PC manufactures must have forgotten about Microsoft shutting down the selling of machines that dual boot Windows and BeOS from the factory. Or also how Microsoft doesn't allow vendors to even advertise machines with non-Windows operating systems. (Ask Dell why they don't advertise their Ubuntu machines.) Microsoft runs the show here, unless the manufactures plan to give up their rights to sell Windows.

Woman Trademarks Name and Threatens Sites Using It 273

An anonymous reader writes "Be careful mentioning Dr. Ann De Wees Allen. She's made it clear that she's trademarked her name and using it is 'illegal... without prior written permission.' She even lists out the names of offenders and shows you the cease-and-desist letter she sends them. And, especially don't copy any of the text on her website, because she's using a bit of javascript that will warn you 'Copyright Protect!' if you right click on a link."

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