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Comment spot the con? (Score 1) 389

dear tfa - did you do that deliberately?

we (mostly) all know and understand the old latinate legalese in re pro and con, but we all also know that the meanings of the word "con" has changed, in current use, and are no longer "polite".

therefore, dear author, pray tell - was that a deliberate con there?

Comment sterile sex and the star trek premise (Score 1) 508

it all works for me - robots would not normally, i assume, procreate, so this should help to reduce the glut of humaninanity..

and i see this as being on the path toward the point where money/property/power etc become immaterial..

and we all must understand the real meaning of wealth itself.

Comment christ, ian... (Score 1) 464

where is open source when we need it, eh?

i'm bleeding inside, i NEED to hear you out, to KNOW what happened for you, from you.

i need to see your code.

all i get is these damned twitter messages, where is the REST?

i'm sure i understand a little of where you have been, have been there myself, i feel, many times.

like most of us, i live in debian, love it because i can read EVERY WORD of it's story.

i need to know yours now, please show us where to find it.

thank you, ian, from the bottom of my heart,

all the best, out there..

another debian user

Submission + - dear timothy - solving for a problem like Uber

rewindustry writes: it seems to me that we could combine some form of open source certification authority with blockchain backed reputation and remuneration stores, and the result would be an Uther service, perhaps?

one that could not cheat on it's taxes, at least not as a corporation.

i don't like screwber, from what i've seen of them.

what is it i am not understanding about current methods that is preventing us from taking control of our own rides?

Submission + - full details of eastlink internet leak

rewindustry writes: EASTLINK internet have exposed, and are deliberately continuing to expose, the majority of their customers, including those on COAST CABLE and DELTA CABLE, to malicious exploit.

i've tried all the proper channels — the crtc say it's not their problem, and the office of the privacy commissioner did not even bother to reply.

the full details are here, and i have unlocked the rest of my articles on this topic, in case anyone cares.

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