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Comment Why Update? (Score 3, Insightful) 218

Most Windows Updates involve rarely utilized components that are exploitable only if not protected through other measures (specifically firewalls). I haven't seen anything come down the pipe that increased performance.

I hope to not require Windows in the future but Windows Update is disabled on my Win7 machine and everything's in its right place.

Comment Re:This is apalling (Score 1) 168


It's really unfortunate that IMDb is closing their forums, but I can only imagine the statement author having a shit-eating grin while writing, "but will leave them open for two additional weeks so that users will have ample time to archive any message board content they'd like to keep for personal use". I don't know what sadness has befell the IMDb forums in the past year, but any time I watched an enjoyable movie, I'd scramble to the message boards and find interesting information, asides, etc.

I'm sure most Americans felt, if any site, IMDb was a place to discuss specific movies. Welcome to searches like "The Big Chill forums" or the "FB Albino Alligator Discussion Group".

Comment Re:Hosting Illegal Child Pornography is ILLEGAL (Score 1) 150

I'm down to entertain the conspiratorial, but I assume that the U.S. federal agencies infiltrated hosts with illegal material and then protected the files in a way as to record hosts that opened the file. I'm not a lawyer, but there's probably an argument to be made dependent on whether someone creates or assumes control of this entrapping honeypot. They probably didn't take out advertising or publish original material.

Comment A good point (Score 1) 150

But if you're doing anything interested on the 'net, you should use a more secure system (I'd recommend not-Windows, but etc.) that would've indicated this attempt so articles like this aren't necessary to protect your browsing history. I've heard so many people outside the computer industry decry our attempts to tell them that the Internet, much like the real world, isn't a nice place. Well, the present is always evolving, so have faith if you will, but this is the current landscape.

Comment Computing? (Score 1) 449

Yes. The web? No, not at all. I'm 26, and I'm willing to accept that my introduction to both subjects has influenced my opinion, but I think many more people will agree that the web has lost much of its luster for many reasons--while I still find the majority of computer technology interesting, available, and evolving.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 406

The same thing goes with the cost of raising kids. Studies will tell you that you need tons of money to raise a kid but somehow, my parents raised 9 of us and they didn't spend the millions that studies suggest they would have needed.

How much money does it take to retire (or raise a kid)? It costs however much you want to spend on it. (Which is different than however much the next guy is going to spend).

The most recent average I've heard is $280,000 to raise a child to eighteen. No idea when you were born, but if that were in 1980, the average adjusted for inflation would be $93,800. Purely by the numbers, that's a factor.

Comment Re:Tech won't fix society (Score 1) 270

We are all subject to the media environment (much like you describe) which is largely technological. I'm not saying their aren't culturally-related solutions to this "problem", but technological ones may even be the quickest. No matter the minority that still uses RSS and the web outside walled gardens, and will receive their desired "news" however they damn well please, how Facebook et al. display news posts, from friends and friends-of-friends, isn't nothing. Also, discouraging technological solutions doesn't seem to be productive. e.g. I just thought of a bot that scans white supremacist and alt-right sites, running each paragraph through fact checking algorithms, and replying in comments sections with fairly approachable rescinders. Knee-jerk, obvious, sorta dumb. Would it be effective? I doubt it--down-voted and ad hominemed to all hell, but there are more nuanced versions of that idea and I think even that implementation could have value; social problems may have a variety of effective solutions, even technological.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 34

I'd argue that sites like Beta News exist to publish commercial propaganda, and that they'd like you leave questions of that sort to a cloud security company, like Netskope ( or CTERA Networks (

Comment A strange story (Score 2) 294

1.) Andrew Morton was the maintainer that published the commit, but Johannes Weiner pushed the fix. Almost no one mentions this. 2.) Point #1 doesn't really matter. Who cares about who did what. 3.) A relatively and surprisingly cool Linus comments on something that's been bugging him. It's almost pub talk except kernel developers. I wish I could've created a more cogent proof or argument, but really, non-news. Kernel developers discuss an issue resolved slightly later than ideal. Linus loves his beautiful artifact and wants to address anything that may mar it (which almost every article on this mailing list thread has overblown). I'd like to think everyone on that list is nearly as interested as he.

Comment Need I even update? (Score 1) 405

Are Windows Updates even necessary? I've tried reviewing each and every Security update available via Windows Update, but I start zoning out when the patches involving random edge cases like spoofed printer drivers. When I re-install Windows 7, and then its updates, I do so out of emotional neuroticism, not a some measured security standpoint. I doubt I am any more secure after the several hour endeavor, though I appreciate Microsoft keeping all the packages available for me. I'll just turn it off.

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