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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 766

Windows XP is almost 10 years old. Find me a Linux distro that supports 10 year old versions, on the desktop.

No one cried foul when Windows 98 was EOLed, after only 8 years. That was because they liked XP. Microsoft has pushed back the EOL on Windows XP multiple times due to complaints, but it's time to move on.

If you dislike Vista and 7, use something a different operating system. Don't pretend Microsoft should support 10 year old software.

Absolutely this. I would like to add:

"Hmm... in what way can we spin this little snippet of news to push an agenda?"

Comment printf ("Enough Already, World.\n"); (Score 2) 720

The idea that people have to be on either side of the fence is almost as ridiculous as there being a metaphorical fence to begin with. I use a desktop OS (Windows 7) and I love cygwin, which I run in Console2. The two can be used together, you know. There's no need for it to be a black and white discussion -- only useful for making one seem 1337 or 'in the know' and bicker like tools. We have both -- why not love both?


Submission + - 8 Radical Ways To Cut Data Center Power Costs (infoworld.com)

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Mel Beckman offers eight radical ways to reduce power costs in the data center on the cheap. 'Some of the most effective energy-saving techniques require considerable upfront investment, with paybacks measured in years. But some oft-overlooked techniques cost next to nothing — they're bypassed because they seem impractical or too radical,' Beckman writes. From cranking up the heat, to powering down servers that are not in use, to burying heat in the ground, each method has been battle-tested in actual data center environments, with demonstrated effectiveness."

Submission + - GoDaddy CEO Shot Female Elephant, Not Bull (discovery.com)

disco_tracy writes: "In a widely circulated video last week, billionaire GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons brags about shooting a bull "problem elephant" in Zimbabwe. But a leading elephant experts has pointed to some pretty obvious evidence (lack of male genitalia) that this elephant was a young female."

Submission + - Chase Bank Customer Email Addresses Breached

An anonymous reader writes: This was received in my inbox at 7:11 AM EST today.

"Note: This is a service message with information related to your e-mail address.

Chase is letting our customers know that we have been informed by Epsilon, a vendor we use to send e-mails, that an unauthorized person outside Epsilon accessed files that included e-mail addresses of some Chase customers. We have a team at Epsilon investigating and we are confident that the information that was retrieved included some Chase customer e-mail addresses, but did not include any customer account or financial information. Based on everything we know, your accounts and confidential information remain secure. As always, we are advising our customers of everything we know as we know it, and will keep you informed on what impact, if any, this will have on you.

We apologize if this causes you any inconvenience. We want to remind you that Chase will never ask for your personal information or login credentials in an e-mail. As always, be cautious if you receive e-mails asking for your personal information and be on the lookout for unwanted spam. It is not Chase's practice to request personal information by e-mail.

As a reminder, we recommend that you:

        * Don't give your Chase OnlineSM User ID or password in e-mail.
        * Don't respond to e-mails that require you to enter personal information directly into the e-mail.
        * Don't respond to e-mails threatening to close your account if you do not take the immediate action of providing personal information.
        * Don't reply to e-mails asking you to send personal information.
        * Don't use your e-mail address as a login ID or password.

The security of your information is a critical priority to us and we strive to handle it carefully at all times. Please visit our Security Center at chase.com and click on "Fraud Information" under the "How to Report Fraud." It provides additional information on exercising caution when reading e-mails that appear to be sent by us.


Patricia O. Baker

Senior Vice President

Chase Executive Office

If you want to contact Chase, please do not reply to this message, but instead go to Chase Online. For faster service, please enroll or log in to your account. Replies to this message will not be read or responded to.

Your personal information is protected by advanced technology. For more detailed security information, view our Online Privacy Notice. To request in writing: Chase Privacy Operations, P.O. Box 659752, San Antonio, TX 78265-9752.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC
© 2011 JPMorgan Chase & Co."

Submission + - RIAA/MPAA: the greatest threat to tech innovation (hbr.org)

TAGmclaren writes: The Harvard Business Review is running an article stating that it's not India or China that are the greatest threat to technological innovation happening in America. Rather, it's the "big content" players, particularly the movie and music industry. From the article: "the Big Content players do not understand technology, and never have. Rather than see it as an opportunity to reach new audiences, technology has always been a threat to them. Example after example abounds of this attitude; whether it was the VCR which was "to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone" as famed movie industry lobbyist Jack Valenti put it at a congressional hearing, or MP3 technology, which they tried to sue out of existence."

Submission + - Republicans believe in climate change, not warming (mongabay.com)

Damien1972 writes: A new study finds that self-described Republicans are less skeptical of "climate change" than "global warming". The research, conducted by psychologists at the University of Michigan, found that 44 percent of Republicans endorsed the idea that "global warming" is real, whereas 60 percent believed in "climate change." Among self-described Democrats the difference in wording was negligible: 86.9 percent vs. 86.4 percent.

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