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Submission + - Web 2.0's Future Depends On IT's Future

JoPapaEd writes: Reports from Forrester and The Leading Edge Forum serve as bookends portending either a bubble bursting, or the next golden era. Who's right? We will find out, but technology will have little to do with deciding the winner. IT has a choice to make, follow current trends into oblivion, or change the social contract with workers, give them the license to their desktops and use education as the next business advantage.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Aussie scientists speed wireless chips to 80 Gbps

Stony Stevenson writes: A group of CSIRO scientists have developed the world's best breed of 200GHz (mm-wave) chips that double wireless data transfer rates to 80 gigabits per second, while being more cost and power efficient than current wireless chips.

From the article; "Where current mm-wave chips base their architecture on frequencies from the first harmonic of a wave, the new chips tune into its fourth harmonic. This allows for a four-fold increase in frequency without the need for oscillators that may otherwise complicate the core architecture.

"By increasing the bandwidth to 40GHz, it's now very easy to boost data transfer rates up to 80Gbps," said Dr Guo.

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