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Journal Journal: Online grief: Where is the line?

My uncle past away recently. Within a few minutes of his passing a cousin of mine (not one of his children) posted a status on Facebook that read something like "RIP Uncle, we miss you." Now the problem is my aunt, his sister, hadn't been notified of his passing. Luckily the post was taken down before she saw it and she was notified tactfully.

Later my own sister--who was closer to our uncle than I was--posted a status update that said something like "RIP Uncle! We miss you and say hi to Grandma for us!" To me this was incredibly inappropriate and I convinced her to remove the update.

My question for the slashdot community is: where is the line? At what point to people offend others in their quest for condolences online? I understand that people in grief need love from friends and family around them, but at what point is their need inappropriate or even excessive? How do you tell someone who appears to be grieving that they're taking it too far, and maybe social networking sites aren't the best place to publicize their grief?


Journal Journal: I'm sick of long and confusing user agreements!!!

So I'm starting a non-profit company called Agree-to-this.org and I need help with something before I start.

The purpose of the company/website is to translate corporate user agreements into short plain English for people to reference before they agree to something. For example: when you install iTunes there is a 5000 word user agreement you HAVE to agree to before you use the software. Agree-to-this.org will have that 5000 word document translated to 500 words or less so you can read what you're agreeing easily and quickly. The site will be an opinion and interpretation of the referenced agreements so it won't exactly be legal advice, but it'll be a good starting point for anyone who wants to know what they're agreeing to.

Far too often are we all duped into corporate-serving agreements to use products and services. Some products and services are necessary for us to patronize to function in modern society. These services are things like utilities and of-the-such. Services like Internet access, phone service, etc. These are the agreements that are especially volatile in terms of our rights as a consumer. We're forced to pay late fees and overdraft fees when these companies make it legal for them to change their terms, terminate service, or be late when delivering such services without any penalty. That ISN'T FAIR! That ISN'T RIGHT! We're better than that as a society and it's time we do something simple to stand up for our rights. The first step is to make these agreements transparent and easy to understand. That is what I am aiming to do, but I can't do it alone.

Please help me compile a list of agreements to translate. I have a database setup for anyone to easily add to so please help me! It will only take about 3 seconds out of your day. Please go to the link at http://agree-to-this.jasonanton.com/form/use/Agree-to-this.org/form1.html and submit your request.

I'd like to start the site with about 300 agreements translated. With a little bit of help I can achieve this goal. Thanks for your help!!!


Journal Journal: Finding graphic artists to collaborate with...free?

So I'm trying to start-up a business but to do that I need partners. I'm a developer/engineer so most of the technical stuff is taken care of, and I've got other partners interested who are in the law fields and marketing fields. My problem is I need a good graphic designer to at least advise me on what "looks cool".

My company will have no employees; everyone involved is an equal partner in the business. Its hard to find people of various professions who are looking for things to try out, but not necessarily be paid for it immediately. Think of it like an open source business structure. Are there any places to find professionals of various fields interested in collaborating with other professionals for mutual gain?

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