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Submission + - SpaceX's Elon Musk gives out more hints about his plans for Mars (

MarkWhittington writes: SpaceX’s Elon Musk is waiting for a space conference in Mexico in a few months before unburdening himself of his long-term plans for Mars. But, he gave out a few hints to the Washington Post. They involve a cargo service to Mars followed by the long anticipated dream of a settlement on the Red Planet.

Comment Re:Again, the Internet routes around the damage... (Score 1) 359

Interesting....but, the shift in the way people view the concept of copyright that you speak of (and, yes, I sense it too) came about because of that romantic idea of defiance. You toss that away and people will just revert to ad hominem "MUST DO AS IMPORTANT PEOPLE TELL ME" thinking. The idea MUST hold that classically romantic feeling of "This is Right. This is Important"...otherwise, it's not interesting and, therefore, not worth fighting for.

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 175

The Leader is gratified that your prove his point that oppressed masses throughout the world laud the technological strides that makes the DPRK the leader in advancement and computer science (III) throughout the world. He offers you a place at his side in the coming revolution. [you are likely to be eaten by a grue]
The Internet

Submission + - 4chan Does Something Nice (

Hugh Pickens writes: "Members of 4chan aren't known for doing things that are cute and heart-warming and when they decide to go after someone, it's typically to subject them to ridicule. But not this time. Someone at 4chan decided that the Internet should get together and wish 90-year-old WWII veteran William J. Lashua a happy birthday, and soon Lashua's local branch of the American Legion was deluged by birthday calls from people as far away as Sweden. The account someone set up for Mr. Lashua's birthday on facebook had 3,956 "likes" and over 500 comments, most of which wished him a happy birthday and thanked him for his military service. It's not clear how 4chan originally came across a photo of Lashua, but a member of the site posted a snapshot of a flyer that was on the bulletin board at a store in Ashburnham, Massachusetts asking for guests to attend the nonagenarian's birthday on at the American Legion hall and the post took off. In contrast to their usual behavior, 4chan members "were giving him nice phone calls and sending him nice notes" and discouraging those who wanted to do something stupid or mean. "They were all being.. well, shucks, awful nice.""

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