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Submission + - DRM is counterproductive (

dwreid writes: It's interesting to see a mainstream technical site such as TechRepublic call out that DRM provides no benefit but does increase costs and punish legitimate customers.

Submission + - Does Reputation Matter? (

SilasMortimer writes: "In a recent article at "The Nation", a member of a group protesting the Win America Campaign is quoted in response to why they focus their protests on Apple, one of many companies supporting the campaign:

“Most of the other companies aren’t really gonna give a damn if we go after them. They’re not concerned for their reputation. [With Apple] there’s a little more leverage,” [says] US Uncut spokesperson Joanne Gifford.

Putting aside the politics of the contents, is there any worth in this kind of tactic or is it simple naivete?"


Submission + - Food Guides Old, New, and Around the World (

purkinje writes: The USDA replaced the food pyramid, America's longstanding guide to healthy eating, with MyPlate, a new visual showing what proportion of the plate each food group should take up. Here's a look at how the plate and pyramid stack up against other food guides from the USDA's past--Americans were once instructed to eat the "Basic 7" food groups, one of which was butter--and food guides from around the world, including a pagoda, a pie chart, and a spinning top.

Comment Re:Just wrong (Score 1) 433

To video record in Illinois you do not need to inform anybody, only audio requires consent.

Illinois's wiretapping law is a "two-party consent" law. Illinois makes it a crime to use an "eavesdropping device" to overhear or record a phone call or conversation without the consent of all parties to the conversation. The law defines an "eavesdropping device" as "any device capable of being used to hear or record oral conversation or intercept, retain, or transcribe electronic communication whether such conversation or electronic communication is conducted in person, by telephone, or by any other means." 720 Ill. Comp. Stat. 5/14-1, -2. If you are operating in Illinois, you should always get the consent of all parties before recording an in-person conversation or telephone call. In addition to subjecting you to criminal prosecution, violating the Illinois wiretapping statute can expose you to a civil lawsuit for damages by an injured party. While you generally are permitted to photograph or record video of people without permission in most public places, it is illegal in Illinois to "videotape, photograph, or film" people without their consent in "a restroom, tanning bed, or tanning salon, locker room, changing room or hotel bedroom." 720 Ill. Comp. Stat. 5/26-4(a) (scroll down).


Astronaut Sues Dido For Album Cover 264

An anonymous reader writes "Astronaut Bruce McCandless is suing Dido for her album cover that uses a famous NASA photograph of a tiny, tiny, tiny McCandless floating in space. McCandless doesn't own the copyright on the photo, so he's claiming it's a violation of his publicity rights ... except that he's so tiny in the photo, it's not like anyone's going to recognize him."

Nuclear Power Could See a Revival 415

shmG writes "As the US moves to reduce dependence on oil, the nuclear industry is looking to expand, with new designs making their way through the regulatory process. No less than three new configurations for nuclear power are being considered for licensing by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The first of them could be generating power in Georgia by 2016."

Comment Re:These LRADs are pathetic (Score 1) 630

"rapidly" is not exactly a precise amount. What if they mean 10 dB every 10 meters? Also, this device is made for crowd control. Sooner or later it will get used at close range, either by accident or because some idiot tought it was a good idea.

you chopped off the important part again.

the rest of the statement gave details, "The sound level will drop off rapidly according to the inverse square law as you get farther away"

A simple google search will show you that the inverse square law says

Acoustics The inverse-square law is used in acoustics in measuring the sound intensity at a given distance from the source. Example In acoustics, the sound pressure of a spherical wavefront radiating from a point source decreases by 50% as the distance r is doubled, or measured in dB it decreases by 6.02 dB.

meaning that every time the distance is doubled the power is halved.

so precise amount was given, you just ignored it or did not know what it was.

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