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Comment Pure Speculation (Score 1) 911

The entire argument is based on understanding the situation. The only statement I remember along the lines of understanding was a gut feeling from people who compared two situations being similar and one landed safely. The other thing is that this situation is an anomaly. Should we make determinant decisions based on one instance? This guy is simply trying to push his opinion on others by creating an emotional response rather than using logic.

Comment It is still her will (Score 1) 874

The cat does not take action without the human intervention. It does not matter the process it still comes down to if the human makes a specific action and it guarantees one particular response than the human made the decision. If the cat has the ability to click no and the same action or sets of action can lead to the cat taking either option then I would say it was not the human's will.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2, Insightful) 57

Of my experience of main stream articles on research, it often completely misses the true reason behind the research. My guess is that they deemed this story more entertaining due to the interest in alternative energy. If that was the underlying reason behind the grant proposal I am sure they would not get funding for the very reason you mentioned. The data from that research seems highly valuable but for other reasons.

Comment Re:Good teachers inspire desire (Score 1) 931

Haha, wow so defensive. One of the parts that I left out was that it depends on the institution. Every school is different and the quality of feedback should be based on the mean of the students attitude at the school. I think creating the curriculum is part of being a good teacher. Even if it is regulated the teacher can get creative. Often this takes several years of trial and error before it is a good curriculum. I have to say that I am surprised with the university wide attitude of students you experienced. I have never experienced that at any institution with the exception of community college. There is a reason why students go to community college and maybe you should avoid those colleges if it is making you so miserable. My experience is that students will highly rank the tough teachers if they make the material fun. They will also give a low rank to easy teachers if they make the material boring.

Comment Good teachers inspire desire (Score 1) 931

Looking at the students is a great way to judge the quality of the teacher. It sounds like the teacher is dealing with a history of students cheating. This is a sign of the students hating the class and wanting to do the least amount of work possible. The teacher should work on becoming a better teacher instead of trying to force the students to not cheat. The school should use this as a reason to let the teacher go. Advice to the teacher: you should find a more suitable career. I hear the RIAA is looking for your very talent.

Comment This is like traffic light cameras (Score 1) 132

Before there were constraints put on traffic light tickets from cameras, the companies falsely ticketed drivers to get extra money. They started to widen the gap of when a ticket was issued to the point that people were getting tickets when they crossed the line before the light turned red. This solution sounds like it will lead to the same problem. There will be no protection over the gray area and the general public (who cannot afford a lawyer) will get screwed. In the end the two companies involved will be pursuing money and not illegal activity.

Comment Where is the AI? (Score 3, Insightful) 66

This thing is all show and has no functionality. I am not sure how it is even called a robot. Sure it has mechanical parts but so does a car. Until you have an AI driver a car is just a car. If it needs to be remotely controlled than you need someone to stand 10 feet away instead of right next to it. As the video showed, it took way too long for one person to even get a drink. My guess is that people will use it once to say they used it then go to the real bar every other time.

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