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Comment The problem is this: (Score 1) 844

I pay for HBO, and with the technology the way it is today, I should be able to choose my medium. If I want to download it, because that is more convenient for me, then why shouldn't I be able to. I have paid for the content. HBO should take the next step in allowing me to download the video, as long as I have an account with them or with my cable/satellite company. I have thought that this should be the way for all content I can get off of the TV.

The biggest problem is the bandwith needed by a company to provide this type of download service. I don't think we are really there yet. I priced out a model a few years ago, and even at premium prices this was way too expensive to implement. Bit Torrent, though it works well for free content, is too hard to control who has access to content and who does not. OnDemand is the first step in this arena, and though I don't have OnDemand I have used it quite a bit, and the biggest problem is that there is limited content. I am sure that this is some sort of bandwidth, or storage issue on the part of the vendors. Rest assured, I am sure that downloading tv content to your computer is on it's way.

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