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Comment Re:Aim to not be Reddit, Hacker News, Stack Overfl (Score 1) 1839

We aren't the type who cry when somebody expresses something we disagree with;

Frequently that is exactly what slashdotters are prone to doing. Slashdot has turned too much into an echo chamber. And posts that go against the hive mind quickly get buried under commenters complaining that it was posted in the first place. "Stuff that matters, durh durh."

Reduce the amount of moderation here to next to nothing.

If you want intelligent discussion, you need some form of moderation. Posts that are uninformed, off topic, spam, or just plain trolling can easily derail a discussion. Moderation needs a light touch, but it's still invaluable.

Comment Re:Is it possible to fuck this up worse? (Score 1) 91

I use the chip at trader joes. It does seem like most of the time I'm just swiping the card. Of course people are resistant to change and are going to complain. Most of them will get used to it.

I just wonder how much this will actually help with reducing fraud. EMV prevents the card it self from being cloned. How does it prevent someone for hacking the store and using the information to purchase something online?

Comment Re:Summary lesson: Physical access trumps all. (Score 2) 73

The whole point of full disk encryption is to protect against someone who has physical access to the disk. In case it gets stolen, thrown in the trash, or sold. It does nothing against remote attacks.

Now my understanding is that the advantage self-encrypting disks is that you don't have the overhead incurred by software encryption.

Comment Re:Sounds like good grounds for an appeal, (Score 1) 82

I think the prosecution in this case could request an upward departure from the sentencing guidelines because the pending charges mean that his criminal record inadequately shows the seriousness of his past behavior. What I'm saying is that there are rules and formulas that the judge is supposed to follow.

Comment Re:Sounds like good grounds for an appeal, (Score 1) 82

There are federal sentencing guidelines. There are criteria for things like past offenses, cooperation with the investigation, among other things. The judge is not bound to strictly follow them, but if the judge just hands out maximum sentences with little explanation, that could be grounds for an appellate court to reduce the sentence. Also, I am not a lawyer either.

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