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- they think consumers want a single device for everything - pda, audio, phone, watch, video player - even though integrated devices are unsuccessful in many other areas of life (tv/vcr, fridge/web browser, etc.)

At first I was going to agree with you, but then I realized I took my watch off today because I didn't need it since my cell phone has a clock on the front display. So I guess it is a phone/watch.

I have an iPod I really happy with, but if I could set up a special playlist and download a gig of songs to a cell phone, I would be happy to leave the iPod at home more often. If that phone and my car had bluetooth, I could play music from the phone over the car stereo and get rid of my cd player. So that would make it a phone/watch/audio player.

If that phone/watch/audio player happened to use bluetooth to sync up my calendar and beeped a reminder when something was due, I could ditch my axiom most days. So now I have a phone/watch/audio player/pda.

Toss in a camera to record a few minutes of video or still photos from a job site and the send/receive/playback those videos, and you've got yourself a phone/watch/audio player/pda/video camera.

When I thought if it like that, the idea sounds fine to me. If I had a device that did everything I mentioned, it wouldn't replace everything like my watch or iPod, but it could be made in a way that would complement it and still be a good product.

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