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Comment WhatsApp Benefits (Score 1) 166

I started using WhatsApp last year when I visited China. Although *everyone* out there uses QQ, WhatsApp is not blocked (like FB) and works over Wifi so I was able to keep in touch with my kids including sending hi res photos, videos and the rest. It was very convenient.

People like it because it doesn't eat into their data or text allowance, as long as they have WiFi.

Comment Guardian == BBC (Score 1) 84

If the BBC is biased (it is), the Guardian more so. They're joined at the hip. They share stafff and stories. For example, in the week when the UK Labour Party have been rocked to the core by racism, the BBC choose to headline the football. The Guardian's headline is about synthetic cannabis.

Don't quote the Guardian about the BBC, and vice-versa.

Comment And they know this how, exactly? (Score 1, Interesting) 218

Scotland's electricity comes from the UK National Grid. This is the country that gave the world Gordon Brown with his double counting. The ruling Nationalists are desperate for a positive headline after decades of "it's oor oil" - and look how that worked out. I'd trust an SNP statistic even less than an average statistic.

Comment Re:High resistance (Score 2) 37

Depends. This is a well known issue with printed tracks. For power tracks yes there could be an issue. That's not to say there aren't workarounds eg manual reinforcing on critical nets. (I even saw that on a 4oz copper board used in a vehicle - busbars bolted to the thing!)

But for signal tracks I don't think a few ohms is going to make much odds, might even be useful.

Comment Never give up on Pop (Score 1) 361

I'm a fan of food metaphors to explain attitudes to music. Giving up pop music is like becoming a food snob or a diet freak. You become a grouch. By all means know what you like, but don't stop being social, you know?

In fact it pays to listen to pop. It's easy to assume pop is pap, but the opposite is often true. It is not just thrown together, but carefully crafted and clever, cutting edge art. The average musician can learn from studying it.

Of course I say this from the safety of the UK where pop actually evolves month to month, and dance music (EDM over the pond) has been mainstream since the late 80s.

Comment Re:Anyone know what, exactly, was the issue? (Score 1) 186

"as a Brit you can't avoid being a taxpayer but you can most certainly avoid being a licence payer."

If current murmurings are to be believed, the new DG wants iPlayer and all other "watch again" services to be subject to the license. IMHO that will make an Internet connection subject to the TV License.

Comment Re: Do the math (Score 1) 338

You're *accidentally* half right. DC is used over long distances and especially over cables, but point to point. (Although, part of the UK rail network is 550V dc with booster stations, but that's another story.) Conversion in this context is AC to DC and vice versa.

Sheesh, I live right where the cable is terminated on the UK side. The converter station at Sellindge is just up the road, and it's a butt-load bigger than a 2GW transformer, it's acres of kit. Everyone here knows this stuff.

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