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Comment Re:Sounds like the new American socialism (Score 0) 81

I call bullshit. If the founding fathers didn't want us to have money they wouldn't have put there faces on it. It's like in a car: if you press the accelerate button you don't expect the roof to collapse! The standard car analogy works here: the richer you get the more of your money your wife wants and the more she wants to buy jewelry for her kids. I don't know about you but if my wife asked for $10 and then said no I actually need 10,00000 to pay off the banks then I'd tell her to go to hell. That's what these jokers want from us.

Comment Re:I'm going to just say it (Score 0) 438

Thing is, imagine you had a car and your neigbour had a bigger car. And each day the car got bigger and bigger until it couldn't eat any more, and each day your children didn't understand why your car wasn't getting bigger and bigger and they hated you because you whine every day. Blah blah I am so poor and my car isn't so big but you worked more and sold more soda to the children in the neighbourhood you want a bigger car and so do your children and your wife. And because you want the bigger car you want to take all his rights away and put death sqauds in the hospitals to take away our freedom. That's what these jokers want from us.

Comment Google (Score 1, Troll) 117

The standard car analogy may suffice here. Some companies make cars. Some companies make gas. Some companies hate freedom. Google used to had the motto "see no evil" but now they see evil everywher they look and so God will not take pity on them for much longer. It's like a car: imagine if you had a car and it hated freedom. You would send it to hell with all of those other freedom hating faggots in Lebanon/. That's what these jokers want from us.

Comment Freedom to lose phones (Score 0) 200

Imagine if you went into a bar and left your car there and then 2 hours later you realized you had left your car there but the barman did not want to give you back your car and you were in Canada so you couldn't shoot the bastard. This is what these jokers want from us. If we stop here we'll have no freedom left. Imagine if your phone was a car and every time you used it the government wanted you to vote for them and then the goverments just get bigger until there's notthing but government around here. This is what these jokers want from us.

Comment Freedom (Score 1, Troll) 42

Look this can never work. Just imagine if Canada made a car. Instead of gas it would guzzle freedom straight down and pump it back out into the air supply as flouride. Obviously this is the government trying to take your freedom from us. This is the last straw. Imagine if you bought a car and it said it was going to move to Canada. This is just what these jokers want from us!

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