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Comment Wolfenstien (Score 1) 61

I'm casual gamer and have been playing wolfenstien for about 4 months now. I'm about 25% completed.... so far so good. Stay tuned for my full review, towards the later part of this year. Still, takes me about one week to get through each level. Maybe I'm not so good. still, I love the game. I'm told, I should reduce the diffuculty level.

Comment IE HTML5 support for canvas is lacking (Score 1) 390

There are really two different types of web developers. CSS or Canvas. I'm a canvas developer. IE is completely lacking when it comes to canvas but roughly equivalent when it comes to CSS, relative to Webkit anyways. When it comes to HTML5 canvas, I just basically ignore IE explorer. Non-Canvas on IE stuff seems to work as expected.

Comment Re:Neo900 (Score 1) 303

Your no crackpot. N900 very well could have been a great phone. It just needed one or two more generations. Sad that it got abandoned. In fact, i'm more sad about n900 got abandoned, than any other of my devices that I've purchased over the years.

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