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Comment Re:Summary is dead wrong (Score 1) 555


You start out with 5 GB and pay $0.05/MB over that.

So $1000 in fees plus 5 GB plan equals about 25,000 MB

So if they were watching Youtube at 300kbs (and I didn't feel like doing the math, link) so:
300kbs / 8 = 37.5KB/s
37.5KB/s * 60 = 2250KB/m
2250KB/m * 60 = 135000KB/h
135000 / 1024 = 131.8MB per hour

25,000 MB divided by 131.8 MB equals 189 hours 41 minutes of videos in one month.

Wow, really must be in the middle of nowhere.

Comment Re:A few things come to mind (Score 1) 252

I currently work with the UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education and we have the OSHER life long learning institute (with about 120 other OSHER subsidiaries) and are always looking for competent, well meaning, volunteers.

We also have Public Allies which the Obamas were a part of.

You could also donate time to groups like the Wisconsin Association of Equal Opportunity or the Community Brainstorming Conference

There are a ton of other areas where you could volunteer your time and energy, but the simple fact is that the number of people with technical skills is significantly smaller than the number of projects that would benefit (HUGELY) from a couple of hours of your time.

Seriously, how long would it take the average /.er to build a decent website and compare that to how long it would take the average MBA.

Comment Re:Broadcast = Permission (Score 1) 849

This is actually funny on my iPhone.
Every time it finds a new AP it will ask you if you want to join "NetworkX". So, from that point on, every time it finds an unsecured network called "NetworkX" it automatically connects you.
While back I connected to a AP where everything was default.
Few days later I was on the bus wondering why I kept getting a WiFi signal then loosing it every time we went past an apartment complex.

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