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Comment there is no real solution (Score 1) 477

I help with several forums and yes, sometimes my answers can be a bit rude but there is usually a reason. Those asking questions don't realized that we are not sitting in front of their computers, we do not have the immediate magic fix, we actually need the user input to help us to help them. sometimes it is extremely hard not to tell the person to pack up their computer and send it back because they are too stupid to own one. It gets frustrating when the user will not answer all the questions asked about their computer or they refused to try some of the fixes for whatever reason, what makes it worse is when they are also getting help from several other forums resulting in wasting time where others could be help or conflicts because we dont know about the other possible fix being tried.

too many times questions could be answered a whole lot faster using google than waiting for someone to respond to your tech question. some forums are strictly moderated but they will allow some of what you may consider unhelpful comments because without seeing those comments, were they really unhelpful, possible solutions that did not work or did you not understand what they were asking of you?

Comment I use (Score 1) 195

I mainly use firefox but am starting to use chrome more and more since netflix will work with it "out of the box" in Linux.

The addons I mainly use and will install in every browser

get them all
adblock plus
last pass

I wish I can find a good one that will stop all autoplaying videos in places like Topix. none of the flash blockers were work nor will the adblockers.

Comment latest press release from Verizon (Score 1) 70

first press release after Verizon buys Yahoo. due to some users excessive yahoo usage, unlimited emails will be limited to 10 emails a day. for those who exceeded their unlimited limits, they will be required to sign up for yahoo plus or lose their accounts. The accounts will still be unlimited as long as you don't use them as such.

Comment walmart pay is slow (Score 5, Informative) 118

I have used Walmart pay several times and in spite of Walmart promises of faster checkout - it is slower to check out. By the time you unlock the phone, navigate to the walmart app, scroll down to get to walmart pay, verify your identity, scan the keypad, wait for approval, you could have scanned your debit card and be done with it. Walmart pay should at least have a widget to make eliminate a few steps.

the keypad even timeout on me a few times while getting to the app and had to get the cashier reinitialized walmart pay.

I wish my bank used samsung pay, it is so much faster and I have used it at walmart a couple of times using credit card with no problems..

Submission + - tcp connected disconnecting users

renegade600 writes: just found out tcp connected bulbs will no longer be supported on June 30th. It will no longer have access to their cloud, nor will their app be updated. I have 16 of those bulbs and after the 30th they will no longer work with the amazon echo nor have remote access — only local What makes me mad is there was nothing in the tech news sites about this, tcp did not contact anyone. I just happened to run across a review at amazon where there was a comment about this. I went to tcp's website and found the info hidden in their website. I guess they don't want anyone to know since they are still selling the bulbs. (click on the tcp product update — it is a pdf)

the following is a quote from their pdf

Thank you for your patronage to the Connected by TCP system. We appreciate your support.
We regret to inform you that we are making changes to our support model and will be discontinuing
the following services associated with the Connected by TCP system effective June 30, 2016:
* Access via the internet and connectivity through cloud services
* Updates of the TCP Lighting App

Comment they make up for it (Score 1) 202

most dvd sales now includes digital copy which adds a couple of dollars to the purchase. It is near impossible to find dvds without digital copies. This means the customers are giving them money for nothing since most do not get their digital download. Why is the movie industry griping since they are basically getting paid twice for every dvd sales whether the digital copy is downloaded or not???

Comment I will stop using adblockers only when (Score 1) 618

I will stop using adblockers only when malware stops using ads to spread their menace
I will stop using adblockers only when they stop they quit with all the flashing, in your face ads
I will stop using adblockers only when they stop placing more ads than content on some pages/sites

I can go on but ...

IMO, is the same as removing the sales inserts in the newspapers - which I have the right to remove before reading.

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