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Comment Re:Magic The Gathering (Score 1) 74

Not 'Mount Gox'. Theres no such place.

Its Magic the Gathering Online exchange not Mt. Gox.

Dunno if you are mentally impaired or just blind but they label themself Mt.Gox right on the front page of their website

No matter where you look it up, it's always Mt.Gox, there is no "mount" in there. I dunno about any magic stuff...

Comment Re:That's great and all (Score 1) 127

and i've met britons that were complete morons, but this doesn't say anything about the general population or the country, doesn't it?
Meanwhile, the fastest pricks on the internet are lavians and romanians (1st, respectively a very close 2nd place in Europe; 4th, respectively 5th in the world). Rst of the europe, suck it

Comment Re:If you like an app buy it (Score 1) 337

1) The developer made the ad version possible, as a way of making money without us paying for it.

You are now paying NOW, with MONEY, DIRECTLY for the app, but you are paying with time and bandwidth(money!).

2) Stealing deprives the victim of the original. This does not do that.

Stealing means removing something that one possessed. It isn't the case. Hell, one isn't even entitled to get money for an ad that I should have seen because said one wanted so.

Comment Re:If you like an app buy it (Score 1) 337

If you like an app, pay the dollar or two for the ad free version, other wise you're stealing from the developer of the app, justify it however you like, but it is theft.

You may pretend to hold the higher moral standards, but that doesn't make you right. On the other hand, forcing down the users throats you crap is nasty and I chose to refuse it. You are charging me for removing an annoyance that you intentionally put in your app in the first place? Thanks, but I can do that myself for free. If I don't have the freedom to use your app, paid or free, on MY DEVICE in whatever manner I see fit then screw your app, screw you and screw whatever platform you're using to do this to me. Ain't that simple?
If this harms you as a developer, maybe you didn't chose the right strategy in the first place or maybe your app just doesn't worth $0.99. Try publishing on iStore, a jailed user is already proven to be more obedient.
And... stealing? How is that working out exactly? I'm stealing something that you didn't possessed? Just because someone is supplying me an product doesn't mean I'm required to watch whatever ads are embedded in said product: I can change channels during ad breaks, I can skip the ad pages in a printed magazine and for damn sure I can put an ad block on my devices.

Comment Re:Prior use (Score 3, Insightful) 354

It was implemented. In the UK at least if you call an emergency number when you have a weak signal it will dramatically improve for the duration of the call as the cell tower reconfigures itself to use up to its maximum power and, as you say, drops any other call that was interfering with the call placed by your handset.

Link please! I think you're confusing this with the phone/sim* ability to use ANY available network (not only you provider's network) for an emergency call. This can be used as a starting point for further documentation. *in some countries you can dial the emergency number even if you don't have a sim card in your phone.

Comment Re:The speed in units most english speakers know (Score 1) 103

I know you think using only knots and km/h is cool and all, but given much of the english speaking world primarily still deals with mph

Most meaning UK, US and Canada? There is an entire world beyond your back-yard fence, a world that doesn't give a crap about the random numbers used to multiply ass-pulled units.

Comment Re:What is this?!? (Score 1) 155

I've registered with RS on May 5th and I've been invited to actually ordered it on June 20-something. It's September and they didn't dispatched my pie yet so yes, they can keep it. While they brag with extraordinary production capacity and local retailers have boards in stocks, my long gone money didn't brought me a damn board. Thanks for nothing, RS! I want my money back and I'll buy a 2.0 from someone that actually delivers.

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