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Comment Re:A better method (Score 3, Insightful) 285

While I don't have any statistics, I suspect that the percentage of traffic dedicated to file sharing on a college campus is quite high. The savings from a smaller internet pipe after file sharing is minimized could make the cost of adding such network hardware you speak of a good investment. Not to mention the time and effort that is saved from someone addressing all the mail from RIAA and MPAA notifying them of copyright infringement.

Comment Re:You Are Not a Republican (Score 1) 546

Rasmussen doesn't necessarily have a bias, but just a different methodology how it's doing its polling. It polls likely voters instead of all adults, which is an enormous advantage to conservatives since they tend to be the more politically active population in the U.S.. While it doesn't show an accurate representation of the country's opinion, it likely can have a higher likelyhood of predicting an election then a pollster like Gallup.

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