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Comment Re:Totally abandoning their core userbase (Score 1) 66

A few comments...

Resolution-agnostic fonts. This has been a part of Macs since their inception [...]

Mac's "inception" was 1984 and, no, fonts were not resolution-agnostic.

Apple developed Postscript based on the same concept.

Adobe developed Postscript and worked with NeXT to develop Display Postscript. Apple had their own technology for fonts as part QuickDraw GX, which went nowhere.


iOS relies on a fixed resolution.

I'll admit, I'm not up on the latest for iOS. But last I looked, iOS now has support for variable resolution. But you're right that it didn't initially.

Comment Re:Yeah, maybe (Score 2) 171

Did you want federal funds to help pay for it? Okay, then you have to install a conduit. But if you're not using federal money, you don't have to.

Kind of like the 21 year-old drinking law. No, the Federal Government can't tell the states what age to set. Yes, they can say, "If it's not 21, no highway funds."

Comment Re:Targeted Ads (Score 1) 71

I gotta admit, that was my thought, too.

I don't know how Google works for big customers, but I used Adwords awhile back and the idea was that I put in keywords for things that my customers might be searching or reading about. So my advert for an ICC Profile Editor would appear next to a search for colorimeters or in an article about color management, but wouldn't appear in an Islamic Jihad video.

Comment Re:All these bans are useless security theatre (Score 1) 248

Yes, but that would probably just kill people. People are replaceable--they can be created with unskilled labor. We're talking about downing a multi-million dollar aircraft here. Not to mention what would happen to airline profits if people become nervous about flying.

I mean, let's get our priorities straight here.

Comment Re:Counterpoint (Score 1) 200


My car is in the shop, it's supposed to rain today and I hate biking in the rain, and I ended up missing the bus. So I called Uber for a ride to work. I was chatting with the driver and he said that they don't get the info until they accept the fare. The driver was saying he normally just does airport runs, but a little 4 mile jaunt isn't a big deal.

I mean, for a taxi service, I can kind of understand this: "Sorry--no way I'm taking my car into (insert bad neighborhood here)." That's bad. But for "ride share"? "Hey, I'm on my way to work, going past the airport, but you want to go in the opposite direction?"

That said, he was my second driver. The first one cancelled on me, so maybe that's the technique--accept the ride and then cancel. Does that hurt some kind of Uber Karma?

Comment Re:Counterpoint (Score 1) 200

That's the theory. It doesn't work so well in practice.

Yes, "Ride-Sharing" is something like, "I'm going past the airport on my way to work every day, so I'll take on a passenger if they're convenient to where I live and drop them at the airport. It's not horribly out of my way and I make a few extra bucks. Where's the harm in that?"

However, Uber has become a taxi service. The vast majority of drivers drive/wait around until someone needs a ride from where they are to where they want to go and then they go pick them up and take them to where they want to go. There's no "sharing"--it's purely a taxi service.

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. If there was ever an industry ripe for disruption, it's the taxi services. And I appreciate the difficulties that Uber has--government taxi overseers are, at best, looking to protect the status-quo and, at worst, corrupt. They will do whatever they can to get Uber drivers out of the equation.

The question is whether the cure, Uber, is worse than the disease.

Comment Re:Bias from personal preference (Score 1) 183

1) Make cube walls go up to the ceiling, and give us doors and that both of these are reasonably sound-proof, [...] 4) Make sure HVAC is capable of cooling an office with thousands of employees, thousands of computers, inbound sunlight, etc.

Hm. We have all this small spaces with cube walls going up to the ceiling and interfering with airflow.

That'll be interesting.

Comment In their defense... (Score 5, Informative) 542

As I understand it, it isn't a reboot per se. Rather, it will be another story set in "The Matrix Universe." So rather than the story of the Nebuchadnezzar, it will center on the crew of, say, the Ganesha. Make it a prequel.

Think something like "Star Wars: Rogue One" or something similar.

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